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Agents of SHIELD Review: “Broken Promises”

They Always Fight Back

When will scientists learn that making our lifelike robots smarter is only asking for them to buck against the life of subservience we’ve subjected them to. The Winter Finale for Agents of SHIELD , “Broken Promises” is running full force into the LMD(Life Model Decoy) Apocalypse they teased earlier in the season, and they’re not only aware of how well tread this material is, but of how they could put their own spin on it.  Continue reading Agents of SHIELD Review: “Broken Promises”


The Flash Winter Finale Review: “The Present”

Feel The Rain On Your Skin

The Flash, heart and soul of the Arrowverse in my opinion, had been in a bit of a holding pattern this season. Certain story elements felt like retreads, while others felt largely inconsequential. Part of that is on the audience. I’d find myself getting bored of personal drama because it wasn’t addressing Flashpoint enough, then it would dawn on me that THAT was the point. Barry was trying to tie his life back together. Accepting any sense of normalcy he can get while catching small reminders that he altered space and time. The cross-over event addressed this more than Flash proper, but “The Present” brought it back to the forefront, in an episode so good, you almost forget that Mark Hamill basically makes a cameo as The Joker.
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Agents of SHIELD Winter Finale Review: “Laws of Inferno Dynamics”

The Killer In Me, Is The Killer In You

Agents of Shield came into season 4 touting a darker tone, thanks to a later start time, and some high expectations due to the introduction of the Ghost Rider. By the time we got to the winter finale, “Laws of Inferno Dynamics”, not only had they successfully melded the supernatural and sci-fi elements, but they’d also created a genuine connection between the audience and the newer characters. Ghosts and mad scientists hellbent on world domination and destruction will only get you so far. Good thing SHIELD had the story to back it up. Continue reading Agents of SHIELD Winter Finale Review: “Laws of Inferno Dynamics”

The Flash Review: “Monster”

Cloverfield Too?

Nothing like a 30 ft tall reptilian beast to really get folk to open up a bit, huh? Seemed like everyone who’d been holding back on this season of The Flash cracked open the widow to their soul during “Monster”. Yet another standalone episode that skipped any and all Dr. Alchemy lore for a more personal story.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “Monster”

The Walking Dead Review: “The Well”

C’mon Baby, I Gots Me A Tiger

It’s safe to say we needed a bit of a breather after everything that transpired in The Walking Dead’s season 7 premiere last week. Bats to brains has the tendency to take a lot out of you. “The Well”, instead of dealing with the aftermath of the premiere switched over to Morgan and Carol, who last we saw were on the run after Carol was badly wounded in a firefight. The pace was slow, and even though there were a few head scratching moments, “The Well” nicely setup that Negan has his fair share of enemies outside of the ZomPoc All-Stars.
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Agents of SHIELD Review: “Lockup”

Previously, On Oz

The melding of supernatural and sci-fi continued on this weeks Agents of SHIELD. The science ghosts kept on the search for The Darkhold, and Daisy donned he SHIELD uniform for the first time. “Lockup” kept things pretty contained, but the larger implications of not only Robbie’s assistance, but SHIELD Director being an inhuman started to ripple out into the rest of the world. The devils spark is set to light a huge fire.  Continue reading Agents of SHIELD Review: “Lockup”

The Flash Review: “The New Rogues”

The Truth About Honesty

Man, people have a hard time saying how they feel the first time around on The Flash. Of course, it’s used to create conflict, but that’s not a tool you want to overuse. That said, “The New Rogues” was still a fun episode that stepped further away from Flashpoint, and worked as a fairly tight, self-contained episode, while dropping little ice chips in the bucket for the larger story.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “The New Rogues”