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The Flash Winter Finale Review: “The Present”

Feel The Rain On Your Skin

The Flash, heart and soul of the Arrowverse in my opinion, had been in a bit of a holding pattern this season. Certain story elements felt like retreads, while others felt largely inconsequential. Part of that is on the audience. I’d find myself getting bored of personal drama because it wasn’t addressing Flashpoint enough, then it would dawn on me that THAT was the point. Barry was trying to tie his life back together. Accepting any sense of normalcy he can get while catching small reminders that he altered space and time. The cross-over event addressed this more than Flash proper, but “The Present” brought it back to the forefront, in an episode so good, you almost forget that Mark Hamill basically makes a cameo as The Joker.
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The Flash Review: “Invasion”

Let’s Kick Things Up A Notch

Aliens have landed on Earth-1 with illinetntions. A lot of them. Claiming to come in peace, while wrecking up the place. That’d make a great premise for a movie. Preferably starring Dolph Lundgren, but I digress.  The Flash , “Invasion”, properly kicked off the multi-show crossover event on the CW. I know Supergirl was supposed to start the festivities, but Kara’s story was far more self contained, with Barry and Cisco only making an appearance at the tail end to recruit Supergirl.  It was back at STAR Labs that things really got going, and Barry had to face up to what Flashpoint has done to others in the Arrow-verse.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “Invasion”

The Flash Review: “Monster”

Cloverfield Too?

Nothing like a 30 ft tall reptilian beast to really get folk to open up a bit, huh? Seemed like everyone who’d been holding back on this season of The Flash cracked open the widow to their soul during “Monster”. Yet another standalone episode that skipped any and all Dr. Alchemy lore for a more personal story.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “Monster”

The Flash Review: “The New Rogues”

The Truth About Honesty

Man, people have a hard time saying how they feel the first time around on The Flash. Of course, it’s used to create conflict, but that’s not a tool you want to overuse. That said, “The New Rogues” was still a fun episode that stepped further away from Flashpoint, and worked as a fairly tight, self-contained episode, while dropping little ice chips in the bucket for the larger story.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “The New Rogues”

The Flash Review: “Magenta”

Let Me Be Great

Damn, Wally really can’t catch a break when it comes to unlocking his power. “Magenta” may have introduced us to the titular character, a young girl that had a slight case of dissociative disorder, with one personality having the ability to control metal (Magneto) and the other just trying to keep her shit together after harsh existence in the foster care system. This could be considered a one off episode of The Flash, if it weren’t for bringing back Wells and Jess to remind us that Barry still messed up the timeline in a major way.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “Magenta”

Supergirl Review: “The Last Children of Krypton”

Say It With Ya Chest!

Humor, DC movies, it’s totally safe for your characters to at least look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing. Case in point, Kara and Clark actually made fun of bank robbers, mid-robbery. Why, because one of them thought that if his bullets didn’t work, surely his fists would. It was a great moment in yet another solid outing for SupergirlContinue reading Supergirl Review: “The Last Children of Krypton”

The Flash Review: “Paradox”

Barry, Chill Out

Alright, so Barry ended up in what appears to be the lizard tongue timeline on tonight’s episode of The Flash. “Paradox” no only explored the differences between this timeline and the one Barry ultimately wants to get back to, but just what how others view his selfish acts of heroism. Which is to say, they didn’t really like them all that much.  Continue reading The Flash Review: “Paradox”