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Gotham: “Harvey Dent” Review

Did you mean Selina Kyle?


Who names these episodes, seriously? There has been a running theme, and a gag among people who cover these shows, that Gotham names episodes after characters who have very little screen time or affect on what happens. This episode was named “Harvey Dent”, after the infamous District Attorney who is an ally to Jim Gordon, and soon Bruce Wayne, that will eventually become Two-Face. But because Dent has so little to do with, and in the episode, you would only know that, if you already know that. Continue reading Gotham: “Harvey Dent” Review


Gotham: “Selina Kyle” Review

Protect Ya Neck…And Ya Eyes

selenakyleMisleading title aside, “Selina Kyle” felt more like a straight up show than the showcase that “Pilot” was. The second episode of Gotham greatly benefited from not having to focus on the Wayne family’s murder. We were able to hit the ground running and gain a sense of normalcy going forward. Yes, there was still a little fallout from episode one, what with Cobblepot still making his way back home, but in all this was a relatively contained episode that established tone and ran with it.

So with an episode titled “Selina Kyle” you’d think she would have played a larger part in the proceedings. In actuality she doesn’t get any shine until the last 15 minutes or so. The opening moments with the street kids, and the creepy abductors was great. Frank Whaley and Lili Taylor played their parts with such a nostalgic flare, it felt like they were channeling a time where kidnapping hobo children was just what ya did, and made it home in time for Howdy Doody. Do you remember those times? Petridge Farms remembers. Either way, you knew they were up to know good the second they got out of the rape van and stuck Raven Symone’s little brother in the neck with that pen. Then tossed him though a window Beverly Hills Cop style.

I’m starting to think that maybe this depiction of a corrupt Gotham is just  a little too corrupt. As of now, we know they had reach to kill the richest people in town, the Mayor rounds up kidnapped kids and sends them to prison, and grown men get beaten up in restaurants to make a point. This city isn’t burning, it’s burnt and we still have like 20 years before trouble little Bruce becomes crazy ass Batman. Hopefully they slow down the decay just a little.

Speaking of that beating scene, i’m enjoying that the big players in the show aren’t complete idiots. The same way Fish Mooney knew Cobblepot was the snitch, Falcone knew Mooney was making moves to take over. And just to show her how much he respects ambition but could still do damage, he had her boy toy get got right in front of her. While honest folk eating dinner got to play “ketchup or blood”, but not for too long as Mooney had everyone get out ASAP. Hey, free dinner!

The same accolades can’t be given to the “criminal of the week” though. Yes, they were all adequately creepy, but also pretty dumb. It all startedGotham_102_UpstateRoadsideAutoParts_1487_hires2 with the botch job that put the cops on them anyway. Yes, it is later established that they have been scooping kids all over the city, but our first interaction with them is a pretty bumbling affair. Old man shot, one kids tossed through a window, and Selina Kyle gets away. Then we get to see them stay in their already discovered hideout when they know the cops are coming, and we also see their “herder” give direct instructions to his lackey to kill the kids and dispose of the bodies while Gordon is right behind him. Seriously, he yells this stuff while Gordon was barely 5 feet away. It wasn’t even good police work, they just fell apart with very little issue.

Notice very little mention of young Catwoman here, but Selina spends very little time on screen other than a few spots here and there. She doesn’t even speak much until she and her friends are kidnapped for the second time in one episode. Going mostly by Cat (because, duh) she’s clearly a girl who can take care of herself on the rough Gotham streets but we never get to see her in full action. Her one truly successful plan was foreshadowed after she told a young boy how to defend himself in prison, “Go for the eyes”. Which she later did to a henchmen off screen, and man was his reveal brutal. Other than that, her only play was to hide between the seats on the bus. She also reveled that she saw who really killed the Wayne family, which we knew but blew Gordon’s freaking mind. He may still be picking it up as we speak.

Next week should be fun. I try not to watch the “next week on…” for any show since marketing has no clue what the hell spoilers are anymore. I’d rather not have it spoiled. That said, I like what they’re doing with Cobblepot, and the growing power struggles between the criminals. I don’t know how much we’re going to see of young Bruce, but his clearly damaged psyche can only be ignored so much. His dad may have forbade Alfred from getting the kid therapy should he die, but man this kid needs all sorts of hugs, and his little one-on-ones with Gordon ain’t gonna cut it.

Alright Gotham, i’ll be back next week. How bout you folks?

Score: B