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Short Minded: The Best Intentions

I’m starting to notice that our short attention spans and need for instant gratification has affected more than just are social interactions. During college and after, I began to meet plenty of well intentioned people who wanted to “change the world”. Yes, I am all for helping those who can’t help themselves, but with that we have to realize why they can’t help themselves in the first place. Our “we want it now” mentality has given us a short sight when it comes to hard work and why things are the way they are.

There are laws in place that counter act a good natured individual. Giving food to the hungry can sometimes lead to lawsuits due to food bourn illness, So do we blame the restaurants for protecting their ass, or do we go after the laws and legislation that stop us from doing what we all know is right? Well in the 60’s we would have been writing letters to our congressmen and picketing. Today, we put up a facebook status and blame Chili’s for being wasteful. We get made at folks for complaining about the heat when there are troops overseas in a desert but then we want the right to complain about our issues. Screw the cake, we want the bakery. We have the world in our palms but we barely reach with our fingertips.

Nothing worth having comes easy, and it gets harder when fighting a battle for those who can’t. Our collective hearts are in the right place, but we don’t use our minds and resources enough to truly make the difference that we want. If a fight wasn’t hard it’d be a discussion, and we have gotten too used to being given things right away. Progress takes time and patience, and often a little aggression. We can’t forget how hard people are willing to fight to keep things the same. Then again I’m human and prone to being wrong