29: Sometimes You Just Want Toast

If you want to talk to your friend in the UK, but you want to see their face; Skype can make that happen for you. Your cell phone can listen to a song in a bar that you missed the title to, find out what it is and download it. Large DVD collections and Netflix has all your favorite movies at your fingertips. We can get pretty much anything we want with no effort. The world made easy. But, go into your kitchen right now and get toast. Now, I know what you think I said was go make some toast, but I said “Go get toast”. You can’t. You can get bread, but the next step, the thing that goes well with butter and jelly. The thing that goes on the side of any Denny’s breakfast, still takes more time than getting a book on Kindle. Think about all the things in your life that really take time, effort, and patience. Most of them might just be worth more than they seem. Being honest, would you really want ready to eat, premade toast?

Now I know I’m barking up the random tree right now, but I couldn’t help but realize that so much is handed and prepared for us, that we lose sight of what we still have to work for. Last year (Vol. 19), I slightly covered this, but that was more about putting out some sort of plan and living life, to not wait for everything to just be handed over. Now I’m thinking before you can even start that, you have to realize what it means to work for something. This is where the toast thing came from. It was so simple yet it took more effort than I was willing to exert at that moment. As I had a moment of silence for my former vitality, I realized that this was not the only simple thing I’d created an algorithm out of. This could be my own motivational deficiency, but I’ve seen it in others as well. From the people around me who suffer from the lack of an infinite “easy button”, it comes down to a knack for setting expectations a tad too high. Nothing wrong with wanting for something better, but when you start wanting everything to be simple and perfect, you run into the issue of nothing ever being good enough for you to try. This is my major problem. I don’t like things to be easy. Screw that, it’s boring. But I do find that I establish how something will play out in my head, and try to gauge the level of difficulty when compared to what I’ll ultimately gain. Shit, there’s that algorithm again. This also becomes a bit of pessimistic outlook too. Not many people would not do something if they thought it would turn out great, but you’ll come up with as many excuses that your breath can muster if you think it’ll fail, or turn out less than pristine. How many relationships have you passed on because there was a chance things aren’t perfect. Every girl wants to be swept off their feet, but if the guy doesn’t break out the broom on day one it’s on to the next one.

Every so often, I’ll hear people say that my generation has it so easy. I’ve even said it about people only a few years younger than myself. I don’t think that going back in time to erase progress would make things better. Can’t see much of an advantage to digging out a well for my water as opposed to turning on a faucet, but then again I didn’t make toast. It wasn’t going to be good enough. Not enough pizzazz on my slightly heated piece of wheat bread to justify making it. My, how the mighty have fallen. This was just a late night snack, but think of it in terms of relationships. I look at my friends and sometimes feel saddened by the fact that I talk to some a considerable amount less than I’d like to because they don’t use facebook often enough. Sometimes I just want to say “Hi”, but don’t feel the need to call them for that. Blame them for not having a wall to say something random on, then claim I’ll talk to them later (I won’t), say I’ll visit when I’m home(I don’t). The end result didn’t justify the minimal effort I would have actually had to put in.  We take for granted how little we really do to make ourselves happy, to progress in life or with people. When we finally find ourselves with a task that takes more than a button press, that tests what we really value, we walk away.

I’m going to write someone a letter. A real letter. Put pen to page and just say what I feel. Not because I’m a hopeless romantic, or some nostalgia nut, but because I want to work for something simple. I want to remind myself what it is to wait for something that isn’t really important so that I can regain the importance of patience. I want to remember what it was like to really look forward to something because it couldn’t be put in front of me right away. Before the days when I could look up spoilers to my favorite show for fear that it wouldn’t be as good as I’d built it up to be, when I couldn’t wait to see someone because we weren’t attached at the digital hip. My State of Mined is “Daring”. I’m daring myself to approach things like this is a brave new world, of snail mail and VHS tapes; taking a chance on new things and people because it means taking a chance on me. I won’t fear the potential of letdown or disappointment, but embrace it as an experience. No matter how super simple and instantaneous things get, we have to be sure to keep ourselves grounded. I fear the day out world comes to a standstill because of a power outage. Grab a deck of cards and a candle. Sure some things are much better because we’ve figured out how to make them easy, but even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is like a 10 step process, and it’ll be damn delicious when you’re done too. So off I go to relearn the world for all its glory, and step one on my journey to work for my enjoyment; putting that bread in the toaster. Who’s got the Welches’ jelly?


Carpe Diem Kids….


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