28: Put Down the Hater-ade

Disclamer: The term “hate” is used quite a few times in this one. Not by the real definition, but more of the contrarian. I don’t actually hate anything that I can think of, and for the purpose of this here SoM, the word will be in quotes….Like this “hate”.


Why is it that when people claim they don’t like or care about something, they feel the need to scream it from the mountaintops. People just can’t dislike something; they need you to know it as often as possible and with no real reasoning behind it. There is no such thing as agreeing to disagree, or silently let things go by without hammering your two cents into the back of every piggy bank of opinion within 5 feet of you. Yes, we are a nation of “haters”, but having an endless amount of public forums comes with some sort of self restraint. I said it about Valentine’s Day; there is such a thing as silent protest people .

Valentine’s has come and gone, people have given out (generally) overpriced flowers and candy as a physical representation of their love for another person. Now generally I would go to town on this supposed holiday, but to be honest; I really didn’t care all that much. I knew the day was coming and when it was here, yet I didn’t have a feeling either way. I went on living my life like it was any other Monday. I didn’t feel the need to tell every person I know how much I didn’t care, and go about ruining their day, and not so much their holiday but their day in general. Nobody likes “that guy”, the complainer. So, I stayed relatively quiet, and just observed. People really have a lot to say when they claim to want nothing to do with a situation. My facebook and twitter was flooded with just as many people saying how much they hated Valentine’s as it was with people professing their love for someone. Now, to make my official stance clear, I don’t care for the holiday. I feel that if you’re a good boyfriend or girlfriend, fiancé, husband or wife, the other 364 days out of the year give you more than ample opportunity to show your affection. This one day shouldn’t hold more weight than say, June 23rd. But for those who place a level of importance, more power to them. I’ve participated in my own way while I was in relationships, and as much as a detractor I am, I’ll do it again in the future. So why do people feel the need to bring up the massacre or how commercial the holiday is, for the same reason people claim to hate movies they’ve never seen or talk about how much they loathe Bill O’Reily even though they couldn’t with 100% certainty tell you his position on anything; to be different, to hear themselves talk. But like with any “counter culture” it fills the void for a sense of belonging.

Ever notice how Goth kids all wear basically the same thing? They all claim to be individuals and want to go against the social norms, but by wearing all black like every other Goth kid, they just wind up conforming to another one. Drinking from the same cup of hater-ade makes people feel less like a social misfit under the guise of being different. There are times and places for everything. Yes, I dislike Nickleback as a whole, but I don’t talk about how much I hate them every time I hear them because to be quite honest, they have a few songs I know every word to and genuinely enjoy. Boxing yourself into a corner of “hating” something only opens you up to looking like a hypocrite later, and I’ve already expressed how I feel about them. To touch back on valentines, and I’m about to pick on the ladies for a second, most of the women I know who claim to hate the day are usually single and probably upset that they don’t have somebody to show them the manufactured affection that goes along with the day. Not just the gifts, but the feeling that there is someone there for them and on February 14th , the whole world, or at least the people who saw your edible arrangement get delivered to your office(real original fellas) is gonna know. So in turn they comment about how stupid they holiday is. Fast forward a year, and see if that same person isn’t gushing about a heart shaped box and flowers if they’re in a relationship. I’ve seen it. We’re human, our minds and hearts change over time and experience.

Sometime in the past decade or so “hating” in the sense of just being contrary or negative became a bigger past time than baseball. Speaking of which, you can generally tell a “hater” by how much they talk about the teams they don’t like in relation to the teams they do. I’m looking at you Red Sox fans. Sending out hate to get a reaction is like drinking soda when you’re really thirsty; it may seem like it’s getting the job done, but in the end you’re just making things worse. Giving attention and energy to something that’s going to exist whether you participate or not. My State of Mined “quenched”. People, stop drinking from the cup of Hateration, it won’t make anything better. You want to show how much you dislike something without devoting your breathe to it. Just ignore it, talk about it when it’s brought up, but in general just leave it be. I’ll never forget when I found out, that at the height of Jerry Springer and Howard Sterns reign on TV and Radio respectively, most of their viewers and listeners were people who claimed to “hate” them. Go figure…



Flowers and chocolate will be dirt cheap for a good while, go nuts.

Carpe Diem Kids


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