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We Finally Have A Release Date for Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Might Could Be The Real Deal

The wait may finally be over as the rumor-mill has kicked into overdrive, and multiple sources state that the follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange will drop on Friday, August 5th. Frank Ocean fans have been let down before, so there is plenty of skepticism to go around, but damnit, lets get a little excited that there just might be some new Frank Ocean music coming sooner rather than later. Continue reading We Finally Have A Release Date for Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’


WRASSLIN’ STATE OF MINED: The War of Words Begins Between AJ Styles and John Cena (06/06/2016)

It’s All Been Done (And Said) Before

Is it just me, or has RAW been fairly lackluster given the amount of great, individual parts at WWE’s disposal. I’ll get to the ladder sitting session in a bit, but just think about the 1A feud on our TV’s for a second. The Face of TNA for over a decade, is making a run at Star Spangled Cena, with assistance from The Bullet Club. Yet, i’m only excited because I know i’m supposed to be. I guess I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall, hit me in the face, and tell me i’m on a episode of Swerved(which I have been, btw). So the story itself isn’t grabbing me, but it’s not for lack of trying. It actually may come down so a subconscious ting of familiarity.  Continue reading WRASSLIN’ STATE OF MINED: The War of Words Begins Between AJ Styles and John Cena (06/06/2016)

Sons of Anarchy: “The Separation of Crows” Review

Jax had his fingers in too many pies

Continuing with the trend of bad plans blowing up in his face, “The Separation of Crows” just added fuel to the raging inferno that is SAMCRO. The walls are closing in and more people are starting see cracks in his veneer. We also got more examples of the criminal mastermind spinning his wheels a lot slower than he should be, but hey, this show alternates between genius activity and pants wetting stupid within the same episodes. I can’t really start complaining now.

Sons of Anarchy - Episode 7.08 - The Separation of Crows - Promotional PhotosLet us not forget though, Jax’s string of stupidity is mostly Gemma’s fault. Far be it from me to place full blame on her, quite the contrary in fact. They both get to share in whatever comeuppance they get later. My beef is that Gemma has manipulated  everyone around her, and in the process, gotten her clearly grieving son to start a war with pretty much every foe they’ve ever had. And a few friends. “How could I not see this coming” Jax asked himself, and I’m pretty sure the collective TV audience screamed “we all did”. Of course we have the added benefit of watching other characters at work, but he had to know one of his plans were going to come back and bite the club. Again. This isn’t the first blow back SAMCRO has gotten. It wasn’t long ago that the house of ill-repute was lit up like a Christmas tree by the Chinese. Now Marks has had his way with some of Bobby’s internal organs (the eye counts as one right?). So Jax should have totally seen this coming, and now, because of him, Bobby will never see anything coming again. Depth perception and all that.

Jax has had the club fighting a losing battle from at least two fronts, and now, after Jury tried to tell Jax that while he wanted him all sorts of dead, he didn’t rat him out, Jax killed him.  Which means there’s still very much a leak in the SAMCRO dam AND he will have to answer to other clubs. He’s lost it, and his biggest problem, aside from taking Gemma at face value, was constantly thinking he was smarter than his adversaries. He’s been wrong at every turn.

Bobby isn’t the only one taking loses for Jax, Juice is in prison, which can’t end well, and his kids aren’t exactly safe. And not just from outside forces. Although, that message was creepy as hell. “No son is safe”. Able tried to cash in his Money in the Bank lunchbox on some poor kids head at school, and made Gemma sit through the indignity of having Courtney Love tell her that her grandson is mentally unstable. Oh, and they killed his mama bird. “Heard you brained a kid at school, i’ll be right back…again”. Jax is so full of fail this season.

chibbsSo with three other plans crumbling, watching Unser put two and two together about why Juice is locked away means a few things; he will uncover why Juice is doing all this, thus finding out Gemma killed Tara OR, he will get close and get got. Killed, for the uninitiated. Unser’s weakness has always been getting too close, and not being able to keep his mouth shut about it. Between him, and Nero’s five days to retirement speeches, these dude’s are on seriously borrowed time.

This episode was odd in that while it moved things forward, it still felt like a slog in a lot of ways. I blame that on the extra run-time, and stand by my past statements that every episode doesn’t have to be an hour and twenty minutes. At times we were just getting long shots of people staring out at nothing. Not a bad device, as I think cable TV can get away with silent contemplation in a way network can’t, but it shouldn’t feel like padding. Especially during a shows final season. “The Separation of Crows” saw the further crumbling of not only Jax, but the world around him. Bobby lost his fingers, Gemma lost her birds, and Jax’s once pristine white sneakers dripped with the blood of his allies by the end. I don’t think Carmelo Anthony would approve of such things. Either way, the club is paying for his sins, and judging by his talks with Chibs, I don’t know how much longer they will continue to do so.

Score: B

Short Mineded: Not Like The Other


A newly acquired, or should I say a newly noticed pet peeve of mine is when people make the judgment of something being bad or terrible just because they may not like it. It really came to my attention while I was telling someone about a show I didn’t like. For the sake of conversation and because this is the show we were talking about, let’s call it “Glee”. This person then felt the need to go on a rant about how great Glee is, and how I don’t get it because I didn’t understand theater or my male point of view kept me for enjoying an otherwise awesome show. After a good sarcastic chuckle, I informed them that my many years in Glee Club, musical theater and general love of show tunes gave me all the tools needed to like Glee. Problem is, the show just doesn’t do it for me. Can the cast sing? Yes. Are the episodes funny? For the most part, but the sum of the parts don’t add up for me. What they missed out on was that I never said the show was bad, I just said I didn’t like it.

Our human need to justify any and everything has led to this line in the sand sort of thinking. The “if I don’t like it, it must suck” approach. I’ll be honest and admit, I’ve done and still do it from time to time. I’m also going to point out that I can pretty much catch onto it while it’s happening and adjust this train of thought before it derails. Not to say that all things are “good”. There are terrible things out there and since most terrible things are disliked, we’ve now made the connection that if we dislike it, it must be bad. Not the case. Don’t make it so personal. The visceral reaction isn’t the reaction you want to go into all forms of entertainment with. LMFAO shouldn’t win album of the year at the Grammy’s but they’re not bad….at what they do.

I guess this short rant is kind of a calling out all those who right things off as bad, or stupid because it’s the quicker way to say “This just doesn’t do it for me”. Hey, I don’t like pie, but I’ll never go on record and say pie is bad for fear that I’ll be stoned to death. I just don’t like cooked fruit and that’s my hang up. Pie can’t help what it is, and it’s not trying to be anything else. Who am I to judge it on merits it’s not even really supposed to have? Hey, I guess that form of thinking is just too progressive for some, and to them I say “That’s stupid”….See, bet they didn’t like that very much did they. Oh you hypothetical people, when will you learn.


Carpe Diem Kids….

Short Mineded: Here It Comes


Making mistakes is one of few universal truths. We all do it and some more than others. Almost as if they can’t help but touch the red hot iron just to make sure it burns. Some call it stubborn others call it hard headed. In my humble opinion, I think it’s a case of selective memory loss.  Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe. It’s why we instinctively grab the “Oh Shit” bar if our friend takes a turn too sharp, or double sniff the milk that’s supposed to expire soon. Preservation of self is key, but oh boy do we let some very similar things slip past the defense from time to time.

The resolutions we’ll never keep because they go against who we are fundamentally. I’m not a morning person, at all. So I don’t resolve to work out in the morning I just work out more than I did before at the time I can. Farmers can have dawn; I’m a dusk kind of guy. Some people go headlong into fruitless relationships while convincing themselves that “this time will be different”. It’s not different, it’s the same song you’ve been dancing to for years but for some reason can’t find the beat. Maybe it’s that need for things to work out the way that we want them to over an acceptance of what’s really taking place.

Then again, maybe that negligence is another symptom of our automatic self preservation. Our brain’s wiring going on hyper drive and protecting our psyche for the short term as opposed to the long. Accentuating the positives of any given situation to counteract the glaring negatives. I don’t believe that people make mistakes on purpose, but they’ll take a chance on something in hopes that it will turn out different. Even when we can all see it coming, like a slow moving car accident. So maybe when we touch the red hot iron, it’s not to see if it’s actually hot but to see if we learned some way to not be burned by it this time around. 

33: I Got A Story To Tell

Ok, here’s a sequel that’s going to be better than the first. The Aliens to my original Alien so to speak. It’s a new year and I want to purge this last bit of malarkey that’s clouding things up. I might not be able to keep things light but hey, we’re all adults and if you can’t handle some stern words here or there than maybe you shouldn’t take up that mantle just yet. Now come on take a ride on my beautiful balloon.

I attended and graduated from an institute of higher learning. That’s tuition speak for “I went to college”. I say that to say this, I have a lot of non-minority friends (To save time, they’ll be White for the rest of this). To that end, they don’t know much about black culture or any culture other than their own for that matter. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for a few key factors. One of which is the tool you may be using to read this right now; the internet. I’ll never pass on the chance to educate, in any way shape or form but please, White Friends, if you’re going to make all of your minority friends some sort ambassador for their respective race or ethnicity do a little leg work on your own. While there may be some similarities between black households there are still major differences, and we can’t speak for an entire race or ethnicity because for the most part we just don’t know. I can only speak for certain about myself and my family, the rest of it is educated speculation. Also, disagreeing about how racists or not the world around you is to a minority tends to make you look pretty ridiculous. While you or your family may accept the rainbow connection that world is becoming, we still got a looooong ways to go. Just look at the hatred our President receives on a daily basis. And before you scoff, yes he’s made some mistakes, missteps and less than stellar decisions. Guess what? He’s a damn politician, and there is a huge difference between being critical of a public official and outright hate.

There is no excuse for disliking entire genres of music anymore. None. MP3 access, Pandora, Spotify, a Google search could open the door to so many different songs and artists you’d have to go out of your way not to like something. Hell, I’ve turned friends onto some Dupstep in less than 10 minutes just by looking up a few remixes on youtube and spotify. Dubstep, that wobbly mess the British have thrown over the pond to piss off old people. Quite simply, when music was harder to acquire on a normal basis and the only way you found out about a good song was on the radio  or through word of mouth, you could excuse not knowing certain things. Now, your word of mouth range is however many people you follow on twitter and how many friends you post with on facebook. I highly doubt all 700 people you’re “friends” with listen to all the same music. Why refuse to grow? Do something different for once and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you’ll know for sure that you don’t like Deadmau5, but at least you’ll be able to say why you do or don’t like something instead of lumping everything together.

On that note, either expect more from people or have no expectations. Too many times people have told me “Oh, I’m surprised you like that movie” Or “You listen to blank, Really?” This goes back towards the last part. We have access to way too much media and outside sources now. There’s also the underlying notion that they don’t expect me, Black guy from the inner city to like certain things, which is annoying as all hell. I’ve even had a close friend say they didn’t want to borrow my ipod to go to the gym because I have too much “black music”. I mean, I know Dave Matthews is from Africa and all but I’d hardly call his stuff “black music”.  Either expect the person in front of you to like or dislike on many levels, or allow them to fill in the blanks. We’ve come too far to think that people won’t be interested in a diverse array of things. Yes, there can be some spillover from the pre internet age that still holds them back. Case in point, I didn’t like The Beatles till college, not because thought they were bad, but nobody around me listened to them and they’re weren’t exactly played on the radio stations I listened to in my formative years. Those mostly consisted of hip-hop, R&B and Alternative.

Don’t let your mistakes become trends or habits. At some point they will define you. Your friends and family will judge you by them, and rightfully so. A mistake is a mistake, and yes it can be made more than once. That is a part of being human, but they are to be learned from sooner rather than later. If you continue to date douchebags, that doesn’t mean that all men suck, you just have terrible taste in men. Your friends constantly walking all over you? Stop laying down for them. They’re not totally at fault for what you have allowed them to do. Make Adjustments, Go Get It Energized damnit.

Lighter notes…..

Stop being annoyed at your significant others interests, especially if they’re not really asking you to participate. The Super Bowl is near and waaaaay too many people are complaining that their bf/gf is too interested in the sport. I’m sorry but if you can’t accept that for a few hours a week they may be paying attention to something that isn’t you, it’s more your problem than theirs. And no, this isn’t a gender thing, I know guys and gals who make the same complaint. And it goes for anything. If your lady friend likes say yes to the dress, either sit down and shut up or *gasp* go do something else.

Accept that things you used to like may not be as good as they used to be. I’m looking at you Dexter. Sometimes things just need to end, nothing lasts forever but be honest babe, it hurts may be the only way. Hmm, Somebody should put that in a song.

Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough. I think my State of Mined is “Purged”. The clutter is gone and I can focus getting these things out on a consistent basis. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K and I want to let you all know about it as it happens. Here’s hoping 2012 keeps things interesting. Till later

Carpe Diem Kids….