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Album Review: Drake – Views or How Drizzy Learned to Love Again…

Drake Has Borrowed Too Many Feelings

Strange as it may seem, Drake, who is known for being one of the more sensitive rappers to hit the scene, may be in rare form on his fourth studio album, Views. Never one to shy away from stories of lost love, betrayal, and comeuppance, Views sees him hitting all the familiar beats with a velvet covered baseball bat. If Drake feels like you’ve wronged him, then there’s a song for you on this album, I just wish the delivery was something close to interesting.  Continue reading Album Review: Drake – Views or How Drizzy Learned to Love Again…


Album Review – POGO: STAR CHARTS

Lost in the Cinematic Groove

About seven years ago, I was a college student looking to kill some time while not studying. Clicking links on various sites to assist me in my quest of procrastination, I came upon Pogo’s “Alice” mix, a not so simple re-edit of in film audio from the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland. It’s a dreamy little track that matches the tone of the film perfectly. The “oh’s” and “ah’s” match the innocence of Alice’s voice. The track just works. Fast forward several years, and Pogo has made quite a name for himself, remixing not only Disney films, but any spare audio he can find. It’s that talent for existing sound and original tweaks that brings us Star Charts, a solid mix of samplers, sounds, and fury to ride through the beginning of the new year.

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Album Review – J. COLE: 2014 FOREST HILLS DRIVE

Sometimes You Can Go Back Home

J. Cole has been on the precipice of greatness since his first album, according to himself anyway. That’s not to say that he’s delusional, but more that he understands the eminent pressure put on him by his fans and the hip-hop community at large. You’re signed by Jay-Z, doing features with TLC, and rubbing elbows with some of the best in the game (Kendrick Lamar, Wale & Drake). Where Cole falters as an artist, and on his album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive is his lasting appeal. He’s an artist that’s aware of how good he’s supposed to be, but inconsistently delivers at that level.

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Album Review – Wu-Tang Clan: A Better Tomorrow

Get Off My Lawn, Motherf**ker

Anyone from a large family has experienced times when most of the family gets together for a holiday or graduation. It’s a good time had by all, but what’s most interesting is when the various generations break off into groups and you get to witness a time warp of sorts. Most entertaining of which is that group that spent their most formative years in the ’90s; Just young enough to still be “with it,” but showing some signs of their age. That’s what Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow sounds like. A bunch of guys who spent their best years together, but don’t see each other very often.

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Album Review – Shady Records: Shady XV

Verse Errbody

The last few years for Eminem have been something of a victory lap. Not that he’s not putting his all into his work, but he’s basically been showing off his exceptional talent. Marshall Mathers, is arguably the best rapper in the world. His cadence, lyrical barbs, metaphors, and punchlines are so on point and lightning fast, that you’ll miss most of the punch of a song in just one pass. Which is what makes Shady XV the disappointment that it is. The entire Shady Records roster gets to flex their muscles, but their fearless leader throws off the balance at every turn.

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EDM artist Giraffage is part of an emerging trend in production, where the use of pre-made samples is frowned upon. More and more artists are creating and cutting their own sound effects and phases. For some artists, this is a stretch, a task that pushes their creative limits. For other artists, like Kanye West, Hudson Mohawke, and Giraffage, this movement just adds layers to their already existing arsenal. What that means for No Reason, the newest EP from Giraffage, is that the sound we get is the same, but at no detriment to the music.

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Album Review: Big K.R.I.T.: Cadillactica

What sophomore slump?

Big K.R.I.T. made the kind of noise that most rappers could only dream of with his first album, K.R.I.T Wuz Here, a “breakout” album in every sense of the word. The then 24year old MC and producer put the hopes and dreams of his home state of Mississippi on his back, and made sure the world of hip-hop knew his name. The album was filled with anxiety, anger, and ambition. That raw emotion made K.R.I.T Wuz Here a modern classic, but it also held it back. At some point you have to stop worrying about the world taking notice, and just do your thing. Cadillactica works as well as it does because it is K.R.I.T.’s sole focus. No longer worried about the world around him, he has created one of his own.

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