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Supergirl Renewed….And Soaring over to CW!


Finally. After weeks of rumours following the show’s absence on CBS’ renewal listSupergirl has not only been renewed for a second season, but it’ll taking its talents over to the CW to join the rest of the Greg Berlanti produced DC television universe. That means Kara will be joining Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and their respective teams on a network much better suited for a number of reasons.

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Know-Stalgia: News Radio

The Real Deal

Welcome to Know-Stalgia, my weekly peek into the past of popular television. We may be in the “Golden Age” of TV, but there’s a rich and storied past to the flat screen in your living room, and some shows have gotten more of a rub since their initial run than others. Know-Stalgia is here to showcase shows that may have been overlooked while we were anointing others as classics. The first entry, a personal favorite of mine; News Radio. 

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Captain America: Civil War Review – An Exercise in Excellence

It Always Ends in a Fight

At around my third giggling fit while watching Captain America: Civil War,  I finally realized that this movie was something, different. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of the MCU films to this point. Some more than others, but only a handful of the now thirteen flick deep universe have fully captured that inner child who spent lazy afternoons turning the pages of MARVEL comics. The first Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy spring to mind. I had an expectation going into Civil Wara story of conflicting ideals, and fractured friendships. What I wasn’t expecting was unbridled fun, and almost flawless storytelling.

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Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Reigns Has the Moral High Ground On RAW (May 2nd, 2016)

Ties That Bind

Man, it feels good to be baaaack. This may or may not be the new spot for all my wrasslin’ thoughts and musings, but I couldn’t stay away until a new home was settled on. Miss me? Nevermind. Let’s get down to business. Short, hot takes, like the worst flapjacks in the business. Speaking of… Continue reading Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Reigns Has the Moral High Ground On RAW (May 2nd, 2016)

TMNT 2 Trailer is Heavy on Dumb Fun

At Least It Looks Interesting

Damnit, we’ve come so far in the TMNT : Out of the Shadows marketing push, that i’m actually a little interested in this movie now. Interested enough to see it in theater? Probably not. I thought the first outing was borderline insulting. A far cry from most every incarnation of the characters we’ve known for almost 30 years. Not to mention, a director more interested in trying to be Michael Bay than just take some tips from producer. Still, this latest trailer doubles down on pretty much everything from the last film, which may not be such a bad thing. Continue reading TMNT 2 Trailer is Heavy on Dumb Fun

It’s a Rock and Shock Connection in the San Andreas Trailer

Ah, the the disaster flick. An american staple. Put file_116066_0_dwaynejohnsonandreasa bunch of actors in or on a location, then completely destroy it. The ultimate in “turn your brain off” movies. So why am I filled with nothing but apathy (can you be filled with apathy?) for San Andreas? It has a lot going for it that is so far up my alley it murdered Batman’s parents. The Rock running around, Carla Guigino and Alexandra Dadario in what are sure to be thankless roles, even by disaster standards and Paul Giamatti buying a beach house. It’s dumb.

It’s also a CGI bonanza. The major draw of a disaster flick is watching the set crumble. In newer disaster movies (The Day After Tomorrow, 2012), it’s all on a computer. Not much for the actors to interact with, the element of danger is mostly gone. It’s what makes Dwayne Johnson an interesting choice to lead this thing. Yes, he’s a box-office draw, but we want to see him doing things, not reacting. So watching him flying through the air, and dodging debris isn’t the hero we want. Who knows, I could be wrong, this could work, but it looks like a cash in for all involved. I ain’t mad. Keep getting them checks.