The CHIPS Trailer Could Easily Be Renamed Crotches: The Movie

Oh, You’re Raunchy. Got It.

We all knew this was coming with the success of the 21 Jump Street movies. Taking old cop shows that were terribly specific in plot and execution, and turning them on their head. Usually meaning turning up the adult content. It wasn’t a novel idea, there were Beverly Hillbillies and Brady Bunch movies and a slew of others taking different angles on their respective original properties. CHIPS, on the other hand, looks to be taking the exact same angle on their show as Jump Street. Your milage may vary. 

One thing CHIPS certainly has going for it is the cast. Yes, I like Dax Shepard. As much as one can like Dax Shepard. He’s serviceable in his comedic roles, and Hit & Run was a fun, low budget comedy, which he also wrote & directed. Then there’s one of the more underrated comedy actors of our time, Michael Pena. He tends to steal the show in whichever movie he appears in, and appears to be playing a bit of the straight man here. Too bad that means he’ll be bundled with playing the overly straight man judging by the amount of crotch and male bonding jokes made in the trailer.

The CHIPS trailer reeeeally wants you to know it’s rated-R. It’s right on the verge of dropping F-bombs several times. And while raunch for raunch’s sake is a good way to get some eyes on your movie, it’s going to need a little more than that to have legs.

CHIPS rides into theaters March 24th. You gonna be on the back of that hog?


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