Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Sasha Banks Takes Back The Title, Roman Works His Way Into The Picture and Styles Sends a Message (11.30.16)

Bossin’ Up

A lot happened in the past two days of wrasslin’, so i’m pacing this on a scale of dopeness. And no, Sasha Banks merely winning the RAW Women’s Title, in and of itself, may not top the dopeness scale. Her bending Charlotte around that rail like a slap bracelet was hot fire. WWE spends so much time building to larger moments, specifically for PPV’s that this kind of outcome will always be a true shock. Doesn’t hurt that the match itself was probably one of their best ever. 


This was once again, a RAW main event, headlined by these two ladies, and I’m all for a this just being worked into the fabric of the show. A big part in enforcing equality is bringing about its normalcy. No longer seeing two women closing the show as a novelty, but just something that happens. Of course, for that TO happen, a few more women have to be elevated up the roster.

I know, I know, internet wrasslin’ fans love to bitch and moan. I try not to, and for that matter, i’m not really going to. I LOVED this match. I loved what led to it earlier in the show, with the double count-out playing teaser to everything that came after. It was booked perfectly, and the women were exceptional. It’s just, well, Sasha and Charlotte are pretty much set to fight forever, which we want, in a way. We scream for it from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, and long for the days when their feud comes back around. These two ladies on the other hand, haven’t really fought anyone else yet. Since getting the call up, and starting their singles careers, they’ve been going at each other’s throats. Occasionally Sasha will be taken off TV for a while, and Charlotte gets to rule the roost, but no one takes a legit shot at the crown. The Sasha returns to dethrone the queen. Lather, rinse, repeat. Then. Now. Forever.

It’s a winning formula that the company has employed for many of their male counterparts for decades. The only thing that’s changed is that there are WAY too many PPV’s now, and the title changing hands so frequently, with little to no competition in between takes just a little something away from the accomplishment. Storywise.

Two Hands and a Crushed Torso


AJ Styles murdered a man on live television and we all watched it. No one called for help. No one stepped in. And because of our collective inaction, a chinless man lies dead. Hate to say he had it coming, but Ellsworth had been poking that bear for far too long, and Styles finally snapped. Throwing Franklin the Turtle around, and beating him mercilessly. It was a great moment in the go home show for TLC this Sunday.

I’ve gone back and forth on how WWE has used Ellsworth over the past few months, worried that they’d run his goodwill with the crowd into the ground, and after a couple of scares it appears that they’ve found juuuust the right amount of Jimmy Boy. I don’t think his wins over AJ Styles made the champ look any weaker, and it was always going to build to some sort of decimation. Ellsworth was never meant to be the ultimate victor, that’ll likely be Ambrose or a returning Cena. What Ellsworth did though, was find a way to stretch out these leftovers well after Thanksgiving. He’s the Moist Maker. I think Styles retains while screaming “MY SANDWICH”.

Certainly Uncertain


Roman, much like life, always finds a way. WWE will never give up on their next big thing. Nor should they. He does have all of the tools to be the top guy in the company, for the most part. Dude still needs to work on his promo, but he’s got it. Too bad the audience just isn’t behind them the way the company would like. The RAW crowd wasn’t as cool on him as others have been, but the reaction to his victory over Kevin Owens felt empty. The crowd knew what they were supposed to do, and in doing so, gave WWE the moment they needed for their highlight reels. Will this translate to an actual title win, maybe? Since Rollins has been worked into a solo feud with Jericho, Owens is forced to battle on his own. It could make for a few title changes forced before Rumble and Mania feuds get worked out. tumblr_ohg6eoss3r1s05wxzo1_400

The fall months always seem a little rushed, even more than usual. A need to make things feel important while also moving chess pieces along so that when Mania season kicks off officially, the right people are in position. That’s why, i’m thinking Alexa Bliss could actually take the title from Becky Lynch. This is another feud that benefited from some padded time, thanks to Lynch’s injury. Bliss could take this one, giving Becky something to fight for again, and giving Smackdown Live a hell of a heel champ for at least another month. Styles may work heel, but the crowd still appreciates him. Bliss gets almost universal heat, which is rare nowadays.

Now This Makes Sense


Okay, i’ve come around on Randy Orton dealing around with the Wyatts. Damn shame Bray couldn’t have been built into something more fearsome on his own, but this paring makes a whole lotta sense to me. At least in so much as Randy is still an opportunist, and that’s what makes this interesting, because Luke Harper so clearly doesn’t trust him. Randy could very well be playing them all , and waiting for Bray to truly let his guard down before striking. Obvious, yes, but at least Bray will FINALLY get a title out of the deal. Then maybe, juuuuust maybe, Bray can triumph over the Viper to get a title push elsewhere. Let Dolph get the IC back only for Bray to pry it from his HBK impersonating fingers.

Another story that finally makes sense is Sheamus and Cesaro, about three months after anyone gave a damn. Who know male bonding over fisticuffs could translate into general interest. Now, if only they could produce in the ring and not just at the local waterin’ hole. tumblr_ohepyg16sw1sbzhteo1_540

Shit, i’ve rambled on for much longer than anticipated, and I haven’t even gotten to Lucha Underground or 205 Live. Sexy Star lost (BOOOO), and Rich Swann won the Cruiserweight title(YAAAAAAAY). Anything you think I’ve forgotten in my haste, let me know on the Twittah machine, then we can talk about all the ways Luigi is actually a better role model than Mario. Till then…

Deuces Kiddos


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