Netflix Officially Announces Downloads For Movies and TV Shows

Netflix Offline Mode Activated

Imagine yourself, sitting in an airport gate. Waiting for your group to board the metal bird that will take you to visit your family in upstate New York. You’ve finally carved out the time to watch Jessica Jones and Kilgrave has slew of people under his control ready to attack Jess. Tense stuff. But now you’re boarding and the airline is charging coke prices for wi-fi, guess you have to wait a few hours…or do you? Netflix finally made the long rumored “offline mode” official today, with the announcement that select popular titles will be available to download directly to your tablet or smartphone. 

Offline Playback has long been rumoured, but the streaming giant denied that they’d ever embrace the practice, but tech is a monkey see-monkey do field, and with Amazon and other streaming services allowing a download feature, it was only a matter of time before the market leader followed suit.

According to Netflix’s official announcement, downloads should be available as soon as you update to the latest version of the app as part of your existing plan. After which, a “download now” tab will be visible on select shows. The offerings are slim at the moment, mostly consisting of Netflix original shows and a few blockbuster movies such as No Country for Old Men, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Pulp Fiction, with more selections coming in the future.

You’ll have two settings for resolutions, standard, for faster downloads but lower quality visuals, or high which will take up more storage space, but look much better on your screen. NEtflix hasn’t made clear what the resolution actually is on either of those settings as of yet.

This is bound to be a popular feature for those who travel frequently, or have kids that are constantly eating up data on road trips, but I also imagine this opens up an easier avenue for piracy since the files will be downloaded directly to a hard drive that the user can manipulate. So fear not constant flyer, you’ll be able to binge to your hard drives content, even if the airport wi-fi is straight booty.


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