Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Guess The Road To Wrestlemania Starts Now, Lucha Underground Shatters The Glass Ceiling (11.23.16)

Gas Up The Honda!

Boy, things got a little hairy while I was gone. Sorry for the absence, had to put on a tux and stand next to folk I care about while they got married, which timed out perfectly with the UK tour. If we’re being honest, not much of note goes down across the pond, so I didn’t have much to say about it either way. Survivor Series on the other hand had all sorts of events pop off, which then bled over onto RAW and Smackdown Live. See, with The Beast bested, there is now a power vacuum, in addition to bouts of insubordination and rampant hypocrisy. WWE wrasslin’ is fun, some of it by design, and other instances by happenstance. Either way, the map has been partially filled in for a good amount of WrestleMania clashes. 


I’ve already covered Survivor Series so I won’t go down that road again. Suffice to say, I thought it was a good show overall, with highs that more than made up for the lows. Smackdown Live won the traditional 5-on-5 match, but not without some controversy. Dean Ambrose just couldn’t set his differences aside, and attacked AJ Styles after being eliminated. This lead to him being “punished” and having to leave the arena the next night, only for him to pop up in increasingly more ridiculous costumes.

Of course the punishments didn’t stick, they don’t really mean much, kind of like the points on Whose Line, they’re really just a means to make the people in charge feel like they actually are. The real punishments will come down the line for Dean. Likely in the form of a 6’10 western mortician. Remember, the Deadman told the entire team that anyone who cost Smackdown the win would have to deal with him. Yes, the blue boys still won out, but it was in spite of ol luny bin, not because of him.


Crime and punishment was the steady theme throughout both shows, with RAW having their own issues. Steph put Sami Zayn in a match with Barron Corbin as a form of punishment, which was weird since Sami had voluntarily come out to fight the guy at least three different times. Then Seth was punished for something or other, and got a title shot, which he lost due to Chris Jericho interference. Wearing a Sin Cara mask for those that keep up with rumors and goings on. It was all a cluster, but in the best possible way.

Where Do We Go Now


Sometimes feuds start because two combatants have a common goal. To with the title, or contract, or maybe they’re just in each other’s way. Other times, a feud starts because a guy is locked out of the locker room with nothing but his wits on him, and the other guys wife gets an eyeful of his Certified P. We don’t need wrasslin’ to be Shakespearean. Some dudes just need something to carry them along to the next feud. Which will likely be Cass vs. Rusev. That feud likely shelves them from the tag team picture for a bit, but that division could use something of a spit shine. All because WWE couldn’t shut up about Demolitions record.

New Day cheated to retain their titles, earning their first legit boo’s since they were actually a heel team. I don’t know if this is moving toward an earnest turn, but the crew, which I still find to be immensely entertaining, has started to grate. They’re expected to carry segments far too long in order to pad the three hour runtime, meaning their schtick has to be on point far longer than anyone outside of Dave Chappelle is supposed to be funny. Same goes for Enzo and Cass. So the move may be to give them a little more legitimacy as champ, but it doesn’t change that the record has become a thing that must be protected at all costs. Not just the titles themselves.

Doing It For Themselves

Over on that wrasslin’ show everyone should be watching along with WWE’s output, Lucha Underground, a monumental thing happened as Sexy Star, a woman, won the Lucha Underground championship. It happened during Aztec Warfare III, their version of the Royal Rumble, except you can win by pinfall and submissions instead of over the top rope stuffs. Allowing the match to get downright bonkers, but also, clearing the ring doesn’t mean clearing the match. Sexy Star has been one of the most popular stars on the show for sometime, and since the women and men are allowed to have matches, it was always a point of conversation on whether or not one of the ladies would hold the title.


Whether or not she’ll hold the title for a significant amount of time remains to be seen. The next episode of Lucha Underground airs tonight, and Johnny Mundo already said he’s challenging whoever has the title after Aztec Warfare, so Star’s days were already numbered to some extent. Mundo and his goons have had it out for her for years. Still, it was a great moment for the show, and wrasslin’ in general. Good on ya, Sexy Star. Keep on keeping on.

My face when they say the food is ready on Thanksgiving
My face when they say the food is ready on Thanksgiving

Alright, that’s it for me. It’s that gluttonous time of year, and I have to a date with at least 10lbs of food. Sorry for the truncated post, but tis the season I guess. If you wanna be mad at me, do it on the Twittah machine, and we can go back and forth about who’s better, Leonardo or Raphael. Till then….

Deuces Kiddos 


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