Wonder Woman Really Doesn’t Care About Your Puny Bullets in New Trailer

Kicking Ass During The Great War

The really need to get this one right. That’s all I keep thinking about whenever news for DC’s Wonder Woman drops. This is the same studio that somehow botched what should have been one of the biggest home runs in superhero movie history. With a trainwreck for a lead in, Wonder Woman has some serious odds stacked against it. Luckily, this movie looks like it’s set to kick all kinds of ass. 

It was already known that some, if not all of Wonder Woman would take place during World War I, and that her time during the conflict was a large reason why she’d gone into hiding. Deciding that humans were more than a little shitty to one another on a regular basis.

I like that this trailer focuses not only on the fish out of water aspects of her character, in a then “modern” setting, but how she is more than willing to protect anyone around her. Man or woman. Diana is noble, and heroic almost by nature and that is shining through in this scenes. This may also be in direct response to criticism, but this movie looks fun. Moments of levity and adding some damn color can do wonders. Didn’t mean to do that, but it works damnit.

Wonder Woman doesn’t hit theaters until June 2nd, 2017, but it’s already got 4 other movies to make up for. Yes i’m counting Green Lantern . I’m at least looking forward to this one more than any of the others, and that’s a huge step in the right direction.


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