Wrasslin’ State of Mined: The Survivor Series Teams Are Set, And Nobody Seems To Care (11.02.16)

Here’s My Excited Face

It’s November, everybody! Halloween is like the Black Friday of the holiday season, officially kicking off the time when I can listen to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” free of shame. It also means WWE will try to get you all riled up for Survivor Series, the only PPV in November (thank God), and still technically, one of their Big 4 shows. And now, more than any other year, it feels as needless as ever. The brand split, while doing wonders for Smackdown Live, has taken practically all of the stakes out of the event, since nothing that happens there will have any lasting effects on either show. 

Right now, the big draw is Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. I’ve gone on about why i’m not really excited to see these to meat bags slam into each other again, and the little bit of interest I did have was mule kicked away while watching Goldberg awkwardly take down both Rusev and Paul Heyman. Yes, the 50 year old man is still in much better shape than I am, but he literally sweats on his way to the ring. Physique aside, I don’t think the man string together a match with anyone at this point. Not without a few warm up’s under his belt. As it stands, he’s going in against Brawt Lesnar with a decade of ring rust. So aside from a morbid, “well i’m gonna watch it anyway” level of curiosity, what else does Survivor Series have to offer? If the past episodes of Smackdown Live and RAW are any indication, a whole hodgepodge of nothing.


Dolph Ziggler, in response to The Miz (kind of), and mostly because Daniel Bryan talked him into it, will now be holding open challenges for the IC title, including a match with a RAW superstar at TLC. Which, other than the traditional SS matches, will be the only mixing of the pots in terms of matches between rosters. There’s practically a reset after the PPV is over, and the writing plays out as such. The teams are supposedly thrown together to maximize their chances of winning, but both sides are made up of guys that are supposed to hate each other.  The stories lie with their infighting more  than any sense of pride. Back in the day (he said while sippin’ Country Time, seated in a rocking chair) the Survivor Series match pitted the good guys against the bad guys. You’d get some odd combinations where wrasslers that otherwise never crossed paths, due to their place in the hierarchy, had moments that could set up later feuds. Or even better, someone that may have been hitting a bit of a glass ceiling can get some time to shine. Think back to Ziggler as Sole Survivor during Sting’s debut last year. Survivor Series itself hasn’t meant much in recent years, and the inception of Bragging Rights after the last brand split diminished it’s lingering importance that much more.

Ugh, i’m having a hard time even coming up with things to talk about. Everything on WWE TV is so wrapped up in itself, serving both Survivor Series and TLC that nothing truly stands out. Smackdown Live is still the superior show, but it’s also falling into that routine of the same people having matches to set up their later matches. Dean Ambrose beat AJ Styles to become #1 Contender to Styles’ championship. Yes, there was the added layer of James Ellsworth, but that doesn’t change the fact that Dean had to beat a guy, to prove that he should have a chance to beat that guy again down the line. It’s one of those weird wrasslin’ things that used to have a middle man (oh, he pinned the champ in this random tag/elimination/battle royal) that’s slowly been cut out, making certain things redundant.


I guess you could call this the “screw it” section of the calander. Sasha Banks lost the RAW Women’s Title at Hell in a Celland it appears that Bayley has been fast tracked into a feud with Charlotte. Not directly, not yet. She’ll have to go through Nia Jax first, which makes sense, but she just got past that particular trial and tribulation back on NXT. It was literally her last feud before losing to Aksuka. And I still think Bayley should be the main babyface for that division. Sasha Banks works soooo much better as an arrogant heel, and maybe this time off will be used to bring her around to that

Alright, i’m tapped. So much wrasslin’, so little time. RAW and Smackdown will be taped next week since they’re overseas, so if I may not write anything up unless something significant happens. More significant than Randy Orton teaming with The Wyatts (the holy hell is going on there?). So, if you have any pressing questions, hit me up on the Twittah Machine, and we can hash it out in a battle of Robot Jox at high noon. Till then…

Deuces Kiddos


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