The Flash Review: “The New Rogues”

The Truth About Honesty

Man, people have a hard time saying how they feel the first time around on The Flash. Of course, it’s used to create conflict, but that’s not a tool you want to overuse. That said, “The New Rogues” was still a fun episode that stepped further away from Flashpoint, and worked as a fairly tight, self-contained episode, while dropping little ice chips in the bucket for the larger story. 

Judging by the title, you’d think “The New Rogues” would be introducing a slew of new baddies for Team Flash to face going forward. In actuality, there were only two new villains introduced, and a surprise appearance from a pre-blast Captain Cold. The episode really focused on Jesse Quick’s training, and the ever changing group dynamic. Barry is still adjusting to life in this timeline and being in a couple with Iris in front of Joe. It was a series of growing pains for everyone at one stage or another.

The main villains of the episode, Mirror Master and Top got a nice origin story, showing their past ways as outlaws before the explosion at STAR Labs turned them into Methhumans. Then the flash forward three years to find out that Mirror Master had actually been stuck in a mirror after the blast, missing the past three years of his life, but having it only feel like one night had past. His powers, along with Top’s ability to distort reality and equilibrium were great counters to both Flash’s and Jesse’s speed. I hope we get a few more bad guys that aren’t just Flash clones, but ones that force him to use his wits more than his quicks. Magenta was a nice first step as were these two. You could complain that they were easily dispatched, but their purpose, at least from a story standpoint was only to disrupt the team enough to make some of them stand still for a bit.


The meat and taters of “The New Rogues” lay with Team Flash and the various relationships. Iris and Barry are a known couple, but Barry was still essentially raised as family. While those two may have worked out some of their own awkwardness over the years, Joe hasn’t really had time to iron out his feelings about it, and Barry wasn’t as “okay” with their situation as he let on. Being trapped int he mirror gave him time to finally address his trepidation, which means this damn relationship should be able to function at least somewhat normally now, right?

Then there was the Wells situation. Still set on making it back home, he recognized that group functioned better while he was around. So he and Cisco did the only logical thing they could think of; send a beacon out into the multi-verse to convince other Wells’ to join their team. Not exactly sure how this was supposed lead to anything other than a complete disaster, but at least we got to see some comical Wells iterations before finally settling on what I can only describe as Beatnik Wells. He gelled with the group and all, but this was way too clean a resolution for The Flash. It’s sure to bite them all in the ass, and reinforce what has been the crux of the season thus far “Stop toying with the universe, damnit!”

“The New Rogues” showed a little more of this timelines Killer Frost, peeling off a few more lairs to the character. Or at least showing that Caitlyn isn’t in complete control of her powers yet. She may have used her freeze to get Barry out of the mirror, but she almost lost her security deposit  when she froze the pipes in her shower. She needs to embrace the hair though. Red heads are so two thousand and late. Stark white is where it’s at. The Flash is hitting a stride in the season, allowing the characters to breathe, and have a small semblance of normalcy before Alchemy utterly destroys their lives. It’s coming, and I can’t wait.


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