Agents of SHIELD Review: “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire”

It’s Lit!

Agents of SHIELD is keeping up with the trend they established last season, seemingly skipping over weeks of tedious exposition and needless padding to get stories to their natural conclusions. In effect, having the characters react in consistent manner (for them) and playing bit of viewer vessel. In “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire”, key players were brought together in what felt like a true kick start to the meatier portions of the season. 

It didn’t take long for Daisy and Robbie to find themselves in with SHIELD. They may have super powers, but Daisy’s condition was worsening by the day, and well, Robbie turns into a flaming skeleton with a muscle car on occasion. It’s surprising he was able to stay under the radar as long as he did. Their paths were clearly going to cross since both sides were clearly looking for the same thing, SHIELD has the resources, and Robbie not only had some inside information on the ghostly scientists, but his uncle would be able to fill in more than a couple blanks for everyone. With the Watch Dogs hunting down inhumans, outrunning SHIELD was proving to be more detrimental than it was worth. It’s still a little annoying that Daisy is hellbent on trying to separate herself from her friends in order to protect them, considering their job is inherently dangerous whether she’s around or not. It’s not as if they’re all librarians. So that’s one revelation that needs to happen ASAP, because Hot Topic Daisy is working a nerve.

I can’t really complain when the show gives you glimpses of Ghost Rider vs. Hellfire….in a fireworks factory. Agents of SHIELD , much like the CW superhero shows has been embracing its comic roots by allowing certain acts of outlandishness take place AND letting the characters actually react to them. Coulson acknowledging that the two hellions were sure to blow the place up was a nice touch.


That fiery tiff occurred after James (Hellfire) was revealed to be the inhuman turncoat, actually feeding the Watch Dogs information about inhumans and their whereabouts. Turns out, he hate what he’s become, and is working on having every inhuman killed, including himself, to rid the world of what he considers to be a virus. Working with Hive and almost ending the world mostly against your will tends to dampen your world view.

So with the whole team back together, kind of, “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire” had to get a few other things out of the way, like introducing Aida to everyone. There were some close calls, but for the most part, she’s just accepted as Radcliffe’s assistant, except for Simmons, who immediately pegged her as an android. The mystery that was being setup as something more nefarious between Fitz and Aida was actually him just protecting Simmons from potentially having to lie during her mandatory lie detector tests. Adding to the many secrets she’ll now have to keep during her next session, along with the Book of Sins, who’s feeding information to the Watch Dogs, and Daisy’s involvement with it all. Damn, things escalated quickly for her.

A scarier notion that was introduced during “Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire” was that Aida now has permission to lie as a form of self preservation, specifically to SHIELD agents. That’s clearly not going to end well for anyone.

So Robbie and Daisy are back in the fold, but we still haven’t seen the inevitable blow up between Daisy and Coulson. It’s coming, and my heart isn’t exactly ready. Then there’s the deal with the devil that Robbie keeps talking about, and I wonder if they’re really going to introduce Mephisto as the actual devil, or just an inhuman that Robbie is calling the devil. The ghostly scientists are already being explained away, so maybe SHIELD won’t totally go for it, but who knows, they’ve been having more fun with mythology as of late, so anything is possible.


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