Supergirl Review: “The Last Children of Krypton”

Say It With Ya Chest!

Humor, DC movies, it’s totally safe for your characters to at least look like they’re enjoying what they’re doing. Case in point, Kara and Clark actually made fun of bank robbers, mid-robbery. Why, because one of them thought that if his bullets didn’t work, surely his fists would. It was a great moment in yet another solid outing for Supergirl

“The Last Children of Krypton” told a fairly straight forward story this week, with the added perk of some strong fight scenes to balance out the over the top villainous actions carried out during the Cadmus sections of the episode. I mentioned Lena Luthor being an obvious choice for future “big bad”, but at least she was hiding it a bit, unlike Maxwell Lord last season. Cadmus is taking up Lord’s spot as the new “are you sure you’re not a villain” entity. They may have an anti-martian stance, that they claim is for the protection of the human race, but nothing about going all Max Headroom with cryptic, expressionless faces says “hey, we got your back, people”.

Cadmus let Metallo into the wild as a trap for the Kryptonian Cousins to do battle with. Setting the stage for future dust ups, but also bringing Clark’s fears about weaponized Kryptonite to life. The encounter put even more strain on the relationship between he and J’onn, as well as provided a capable antagonist for fisticuffs, and yes there were some hands thrown this episode.


A major issue with Supergirl, like her cousin, at least in terms of compelling storytelling on TV, is that they are literally the most powerful beings around. The drama surrounding them, their families, dual lives, etc, is fine, but the more visceral aspects of an action show leave a bit to be desired. That was clearly something CW wanted to improve on with the switch over from CBS. The fight scenes are clearly better than they were on the other network, with an emphasis on kinetic camera work and wide shots that allow the viewer to take in everything that’s happening. Additionally, the less powerful characters utilize skills that a human would actually emplot during a fight with Kryptonite powered cyborgs. Mech suits biiiiitch.

There was more than kicking, punching, and laser beams to this episode though. “The Last Children of Krypton” pushed Kara forward personally and professionally too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Once again, Melissa Benoist’s charms carries Kara’s story a long way. You can’t help but root for her in everything she’s trying to do, even if her prickish new boss is slightly justified in saying she can’t just waltz into a job because the chose it. You’ve got the platform, but earn your place. Nothing wrong with that sentiment. It’s a damn shame that Calista Flockhart is only going to be a limited presence going forward because this version of Cat is the perfect mix of hard nosed boss, while maintaining her humanity. The CBS version of the character went way too far into caricature, while this version of Cat knows just how much of a brute she needs to be on any given occasion, and now she’s gone.

Supergirl looks to be setting up a long arc with competing ideologies, family struggles, and of course, super powered battles. I for one, look forward to the chaos, but recognize that juggling so much can lead to serious bloat and disconnect. For now, it works, and with Clark going back the Metropolis, the focus can go back to Kara and the DEO facing off with the looming threat of Cadmus. Before they can get down to business though, maybe they can think of a super suit with such a glaring weak spot. Did we learn nothing from Zed’s Putty Patrol?


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