Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer: What Does It All Mean?

No One Is This Happy

Would you like to ride, on a craptacular balloon? Of course you do, and Black Mirror is more than happy to oblige. The bleak, pseudo science, anthology series will have its first season as a Netflix series later this month, and in anticipation, the first (and likely last) trailer has been released. Is it more of the same, yes. But that’s a good thing. 

Black Mirror, is a universe set “only a couple minutes from our own”, as the trailer spells out. A world were our hierarchy of goods has upended to include technology as the foundation and the pinnacle, with everything else falling somewhere in between. The season 3 trailer gives brief glimpses of what we can expect October 21st. We’ll still have the high gloss, Apple Store imagery, inter-cut with scathing social commentary. Staples of the British series so far.

The amount of American involvement is noteworthy, both in front of and behind the camera, and it’ll be interesting to see how that affects the series going forward. Yes, there will be some added name value/star power, but will the show lose some of its bite in order to attain stateside “mass appeal”? October 21st isn’t far off now, and we’ll be able to see just how much the mirror has changed since we last saw ourselves two years ago.


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