CW Releases Fight Club 2.0 Just In Time For Season Premiere Week

The Type Of Fun The DC Movies Are Missing

Corny, hokey, cutesy, and a little ridiculous are just a few of the words you could use to describe the cross-over promos CW has released for the hugh slate of superhero shows. I for one, find Fight Club 2.0 to be refreshing. Just in time for their season premieres to roll out, CW has released the former app exclusive to the public which shows all of their heroes gathering for a bit of a training session, with a heavy focus on the newly joined Supergirl. If you’re at all a fan of any of these shows, it’s worth a watch, or three. 

Much like its predecessor, Fight Club 2.0 is pure fan service, particularly fans of the CW iterations of the characters. The entire video is treated as a massive training sim, bringing together the respective teams from each show. So you get geek humor from both Felicity and Cisco, Diggle’s momentary freak out when meeting Martian Manhunter, and all the adorable banter you could handle between Barry and Kara.

The CW shows embraced the more lighthearted nature of their universe when Flash premiered in 2014, since then, each of the shows have given into their more outlandish roots. Fight Club 2.0 being a prime example of this. I hope they put one of these out every year and they get progressively more ridiculous. Nothing wrong with a little levity to the brooding.


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