New Power Rangers Posters Give A Small Peek Of Their Zords

I’m Sure There Are Safer Places To Stand

Hey, angry fogie! Like it or not, your childhood will be pilfered for everything it’s worth in order to repackage, rebrand and reboot for movies and series nowadays. Now let’s ignore that most of the things that are being “rebooted” that you claim to be “ruining” your childhood, haven’t really gone anywhere. I’m looking at you angry TMNT fan that hasn’t watched the new series’ (which is pretty good btw) or equally disgruntled Power Ranger Dad that tapped out sometime around Zeo, when you noticed girls noticing you. The Power Rangers movie is set to drop March 2017, and the promotion machine should be kicking into gear soon, and just in time for NYCC, here are some new character posters that show off just a glimpse of the zords. 






From the little bit we can see of the Zords, it’s clear that they’ll have the same bio-organic/alien tech design as the new power suits. The visuals so far are growing on me. I’m not so much married to the original Mighty Morphin’ look that people seem to be clamoring for, Mostly because i’m old enough to remember that the Power Rangers updated the suites and Zords in their first movie, then went back to the original looks because budget and well, they were copying the fight scenes from another show altogether. Doesn’t leave much room for fashion leaps. I’d imagine a legit teaser is on the way to go with these posters, and i’m excited. I don’t want a dark Power Rangers, but I do want want one where the creators have seen Pacific Rim and said “yeah, we can do something like that”. What do you think of the new rangers?


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