Lets Go to the Mall in this X-Men: Apocalypse Deleted Scene

Everything (Good) Must Go!

X-Men Apocalypse hit theaters earlier this year to something of a lukewarm response. Many accused the film of being needlessly bloated, and focusing on all the wrong characters/plots. Yes, you’ve cast on of the best young actors of this generation, so covering them in blue paint and having them monologue separate from everyone else is clearly the best course of action. No, I will not clarify which young actor I mean.

As with any big budget film, there were scenes that didn’t make the final cut, but the deleted mall scene has been one of much fan interest, specifically because it was to focus on some of the younger and fan favorite characters. Some of the stars were so sure the scene would make it to the final cut, that Jubilee actress, Lana Condor spent most of her press time describing it, and with good reason; the scene actually did some character building that the film lacked. 



In the three minute scene, we’re able to see the young X-Men take a trip to the local mall, as teens did in the 80’s to partake in some album shopping, food court lunching, and of course, play some games at the arcade. The scene is interesting, because it shows a world that isn’t completely afraid of the young mutants, going so much as to positively react to Nightcrawler showing off some moves in a dance battle (before an effects shot that was never completed).

This one scene doesn’t change the entire movie, but it does show that something more fun and character driven could have been done. As it stand, Jubilee isn’t even mentioned by name, and we have no clue how these characters feel about the outside world in the final product, just that they are tools in a war that is much bigger than them. X-Men: Apocalypse dropped the ball in a number of ways, and this deleted scene only serves as further proof. I may be coming off as a little harsh, but damnit, I love the Safety Dance, and it was taken from me!



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