Agents of SHIELD Promo Highlights Ghost Rider

Oh Yeah, Vengeance Is Coming

Awhile back, Agents of SHIELD began running promos featuring flaming chains. The safe assumption was that season four would showcase one of the newer characters to join the show, Hellfire, whose inhuman ability featured a form of controlled combustion, which he liked to weaponize via, well, flaming chain. Then whispers arose that Ghost Rider would be joining AoS in some capacity, which was then confirmed by a teaser featuring the flaming skull. Now, there’s a new promo showcasing the famed wraith. 

Now, some of you may be thinking, “why would we care about the Ghost Rider, his movies were kinda terrible”, and you’d be right in line with Marvel TV, who have opted to bring the new Ghost Rider into the fold, Robbie Reyes.

The new promo, titled Vengeance is light on details, but gives just enough imagery to get the point across. Flaming car, screaming man, and plenty of black leather. Odds are, this has to do with Robbie’s origin as he Ghost Rider, and avenging his brother. How it fits into the larger AoS story, is still unknown for now.

You can watch Robbie get his vengeance starting Tuesday. September 20th, at 10 EST (new time for Agents of SHIELD).


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