Wrasslin’ State of Mined: KO Wins the Universal Title, Heath Shows Us His Family Life and Del Rio (Possibly) Leaves WWE

Here We Are, Born To Be Kings

The course correction that feels like it should have been this way all along. By the end of a damn good, four-way elimination match, we had a returning player, a potential double turn between Rollins and Reigns and a new Universal Champion in Kevin Owens. In a move that could easily be chalked up to IWC pandering, or throwing spaghetti at the wall, I think this outcome is one that should make everyone happy, but there’s still just one thing that makes it the tiniest bit bothersome. 


It’s (Mostly) about The Game and how he runs it. Mr. H, Trips, Paul La Somthing or Other. The elephant who owns the room. He is firmly inserted in this matter in a way that makes me just a wee bit uncomfortable. Yes, Owens is the champ, and I can recognize that gift horse from across the room. That said, it was Triple H who dealt the final blows to Reigns and Rollins, which means he could easily be in a feud with both of them should they choose not to kill one another.

It’s actually the Reigns/Rollins component that made this so compelling and rewarding from a wrasslin’ standpoint. After Balor’s injury, we were all fairly certain that either Reigns or Rollins would get the Galaxial Fruit by the Foot Strap. Of course they wouldn’t put it on Big Cass, not yet, but we did get to see how he would stack up with the other big boys of Monday Night RAW. Quick answer; he looked good but not quite ready to hang with Eddie Kang. I like Big Cass, and he and Enzo have something special going. Which means we need to prepare ourselves for WWE to knock that ice cream cone out of our hands any minute now. At the very least, we hope they’ve learned from the backlash against Roman Reigns, and will nurture him a bit more where he is before forcing the inevitable.

The fact that I don’t know where Kevin Owens’ reign as champion will go is most appealing. He didn’t have a major feud with anyone, and was mostly an upper-mid card heel, joking around with Chris Jericho, who I hope will be along for this ride. The wrasslin’ world is in Owen’s belt. Soak it in you burly bastard.

Man Makes The Belt

Over on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan, sadly put to rest his “feud” with The Miz, stating that he should know better as the GM than to get the talent riled up, and that Miz was actually right. This stinks for several reasons. One, more selfishly, it means that Bryan won’t be making any surprise returns to the ring. I knew that, but still, a man can dream. Then there’s the potential for Bryan to be slightly corrupt in his managerial position. Creating some layers of tension. An abuse of power, but toward a man he called a coward of a champion. It would have made for ogre levels of layers.  020_SD_08302016ej_0290--780bde9d34796b5a340b3d459df36ab9

Instead, Miz will feud with Ziggler, a guy who may not wrassle like a coward, but sure doesn’t have many legs to stand on when it comes to calling out other guys for being more style than substance. Not saying that Miz is on par in terms of in-ring work, but Ziggler has done the movies, the pompous act, hell, he’s in a damn commercial with Miz right now. Coffee. Kettle. Abyss that stares back. In any event, I don’t see them doing anything worth talking about with Ziggler just yet, so he’ll likely lose whatever match these two end up having for the IC title. And Miz will continue being the heel that we need in this trying time.

Belt Don’t Make The Man


I’ve finally come around to the dark side of things, and I have to admit, not quite feeling Ambrose as champ on Smackdown. It’s strange. Wasn’t long ago that I was fully behind his Kingpin schtick, but it’s worn a bit thin since he doesn’t have his Shield cohorts to beef with. He just doesn’t have it enough to carry a show. He didn’t even make an appearance until the end of the show, and I didn’t exactly miss him. After everything else that had happened, it was hard to get excited for his match with Baron “I Should Probably Shave My Head Soon” Corbin. This goes back to what I’d said before about Ambrose, he’s less unhinged than his is just kind of a dude. A Dude, shouldn’t be the face of your franchise, which means Styles will likely win out in their longterm feud….which also means we’re on a course for Cena to be champ again come Mania time. Be prepared.

Cans and Bottles

Heath frickin’ Slater. This dude has turned shit into shinola in a way that no one else could. Well, not since Sandow. I can’t even do this bit justice. Suffice to say, the look he gives poor Renee after he says his kids are out back picking up bottles and cans, absolutely broke me. And the damn crackers. This was all great. A little sophomoric with the white trash/redneck stuff, but never going full tilt as WWE is wont to do.

Stuff and Thangs

Sheamus is now up 2-0 in his best of 7 with Cesaro, which likely means Cesaro will win out. Which is good. He needs the bump, and the framing in this feud helps both guys. More stakes in wrasslin’. Give the bragging rights some weight.


New Day recruited Bayley into their feud with The Club. Perfect fit if I may say so myself. Like I just did there. There was some trepidation about her gimmick transferring over to the main roster, but crowds gravitate toward her, and it’s magical.


There are still details coming out about this one, but it appears that Alberto Del Rio’s second run with WWE may be coming to an end. Rumours suggest that he’s not happy with his place in the company, and that they haven’t made good on their promise of giving him a main event run. Which makes his suspension timing  a little fishy. This could all be dirt sheet BS, and have nothing to do with his card placement, but it’s not hard to imagine him being a little disgruntled given his treatment thus far.

That’s all I gots for now. As far as who won the weekly battle, I have to say Monday Night RAW wins this week. Mostly due to the main event. Smackdown Live is clearly building toward their solo PPV, but the crowning of a crowd favorite champ can’t be beat by a so-so show. If you disagree, we can engage in virtual fisticuffs on the Twittah Machine, then have a digital brew at the world wide pub. Till then…

Deuces Kiddos


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