Did Ben Affleck Just Tease Deathstroke In The Justice League Movie?? (UPDATE)

Also, Why Is Deathstroke In This Movie???


According to The Wrap, Deathstroke is actually the main villain in The Batman, the Ben Affleck directed, standalone film. Which means the footage tweeted out could be a cameo appearance OR test footage for that upcoming film.

The promotion team over at Warner Bros. must have the motto “screw it, they gotta like something we show em” written on a wall somewhere. That’s the only way to explain how news has been rolled out for the upcoming Justice League film. The news this week, in the wee hours of the morning, current Batman star and producer of the film, Ben Affleck, tweeted out a video of what appears to be the villain, Deathstroke, on set and ready to fight. 

Now, my immediate response was outright excitement. Then a mild case of confusion as to just how much of a role is Slade Wilson going to play in Justice League. Deathstroke, while well known, is primarily associated with Teen Titans as their main antagonist. In this case, they’d likely be playing on his association with Batman. Again, that’s IF he has more than a cameo in the film. This is Warner after all, and their reliance on flashbacks, dreams and hallucinations to fill in the blanks has been their MO in every DC flick so far. In the case of Batman v Superman , all three were used, back to back.

So what is this Mr. Affleck, another attempt to win over fans that have been burned by at least three of the four existing DCEU films (don’t forget, 2011’s Green Lantern was supposed to kick off this connected universe). Do you think the tease of another popular villain will tide us over, because that went very well for Suicide Squad. Oh, and there was the Flash cameo that was ruined due to the IMDB listing. Man, they just can’t keep a secret over there, can they.

Then again, we could take this all at face value, which is to say, Warner, Affleck, and the rest just want to get fans excited about the possibility of Deathstroke, potentially for a full appearance in a later flick. I don’t think that more villains automatically equals bad, but this film is already bursting with characters, some of which have yet to be introduced in any meaningful way. Did you guys know that Steppenwolf is the main bad guy? Anywhoo, Justice League hits theaters in 2017, and Deathstroke may be in it dressed as Super Shredder. Do with that information what you will.



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