Find Out What Thor Was Up To During Civil War In This Mockumentary

Everyone, Meet Daryl

Many of you may have wondered just where the King of Asgard was while his friends were engaged in fisticuffs during Captain America: Civil War. Well, worry no more. Thanks to a mockumentary, originally screened during San Diego Comic-Con, we can see just what Thor was getting himself into. 

Much like the comic book it shares a name with, Thor wasn’t directly involved with the in-hero fighting. Yes, a fake Thor does make an appearance, but it’s not the real deal. As for Hulk, he was off doing some galactic battle of his own (Planet Hulk), which brings us to Thor: Ragnarok and this nice little peek into Thor’s world when he’s not dealing with the rest of the Avengers.

Just in time for the home release of Civil War, Marvel has released this three minute video chronicling the trials and tribulations of a man, not quite of this world. We’ve seen Thor interact with humans before, but not like this. Finding an apartment, playing pranks, even doing a little detective work.

Thor: Ragnarok’s director, Taika Watiti, who also directed What We Do In Shadows, another mocumentary that has a similar tone and humor to this snippet. Likely, this was an outlet for the director as Ragnarok will be juuust a bit more of what we’ve come to expect from Marvel Studios. Still, we have this, and this is fantastic.


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