Your Goopy Hair Fetish Will Be Rekindled Due To The Rings Trailer

Why The Hell Would You Get On A Plane?


Looks like Hollywood is going to take another dip….into the well. I’ll see myself out, but not before I tell you about the newly released trailer for Rings, another sequel to the hit American remake The Ring. Were you waiting on pins and needles for this one? No? Too bad, you’re getting a sequel anyway. 

I guess Samara realized that attaching her evil plan to a VHS didn’t have viable staying power. Hell, it was pretty dated back when the original came out in 2002. The girl in the well has gone viral. Being spread via email, and if she’s smart, Snapchat.

Details are a little scarce, but the basic plot has a woman getting terrorized by the demonic damp girl after watching the video online. Largely due to her boyfriend being obsessed with the story behind the tape. Thanks man. With that update to the story, we get the requisite liquid, body, and CGI horror we’ve come to expect from this franchise AND the current state of scare flicks. Oh, and blind Vincent D’Onofrio. Seriously, how do these horror flicks keep getting him to play the exposition guy?

Anyway, Rings will be dripping into theaters October 28th.



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