Remember When Superman Packed Pistols?

Yeah, This Is Not  A Pleasant Memory

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill set the internet ablaze with an Instagram post teasing a new suit for Superman in the upcoming Justice League film. While costume changes are par for the course in superhero flicks, it was the stylistic choice that Cavill employed that shook many a comic fan to their very core. 


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Seeing as the current Mr. Kent didn’t have the decency to at least tag it #NoFilter, many speculate as to whether this is just a black and white edit on the suit he already wears, or a tease of the all black suit that Superman donned after, well, he came back from the dead in The Death and Return of Superman arc from the 90’s, the one that made up the last hour or so of Batman v Superman. 

After Supes bit the big one, slew of varying levels of Supermen stepped up to take his place, culminating in the real deal coming back in an all black suit (his version of wearin’ the four-five). Along with the new duds, came a flowing mullet and a propensity to pack heat, because nothing said 90’s like a superhero’s power basically being they’re the lead character in Doom, and carrying a full arsenal at all times. For many, it was a low point for the Superman character. Not just because it was a false “edge” that many felt he now had, but also, it flew in the face of everything the character had stood for over the better part of 50 years at that point.

Look, i’ve never been a big Superman fan, and I will freely admit that my cursory knowledge of the character comes from some exposure to him via comic (ironically enough right before the Death of… storyline began) and other media. Mostly, it was the animated series of the mid-late 90’s that represents Superman to me. Never full on boy scout, that version just wanted to do what was right, and only exhibited his power when necessary. It’s the reason many looked up to Superman in that universe, and is exactly what is missing from this version. There is no hope with the current film version of Superman. He reluctantly holds his position as savior and his death felt empty because of it at the end of BvS. Which is being further undercut because we knew he’d be back in Justice League. DC isn’t even pretending that he won’t.

So instead of projecting an optimistic vision of arguably the most iconic superhero on the planet, we get Instagram posts of that time Clark Kent cosplayed as Frank Castle. I’m open to the fact that this could all be for naught, and that Cavill only wears the black suit for about 10 minutes of screentime if at all, but I can’t help be see this as another example of DC, Zack Snyder and Co, just not understanding what makes their characters tick, and fans left wondering when they’ll actually see the heros they love portrayed in a manner they can get behind.

What do you think, is the black suit cool, or a representation of 90’s EXTREME running roughshod over your childhood?


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