John Krasinski IN Tom Clany’s COLON Jack Ryan

He’s Just As Surprised As You Are

Our boy, John Krasinski really wants to make sure he’s no longer typecast as “lovable everyman”. After already making his big action debut in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours , he will now be the fifth actor to take on the moniker of CIA Agent, Jack Ryan. 

There were rumblings of a Jack Ryan series floating around for sometime, and it was just announced per Amazon that an entire season order, of 10 episodes has been put through. Amazon has been trying to bolster their original content over the past few years with shows like  Hand of GodTransparent and The Man in the High Castle.

Though, the question remains; is Jack Ryan still a viable property in this day and age. Krasinski will be playing a young Jack Ryan as he makes his way through the CIA, reaching his legendary status. If that sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because that was pretty much the plot for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit starring Chris Pine. The 2014 movie that was supposed to update the character and fill the void left after the Bourne films wrapped up (2014 feels so long ago).  Anyway, another reboot is on the way, featuring a bunch of names people are supposed to know, but all conveying very different things. Clancy is thought of more as the name before a tactical shooting game. Krasinski is first and foremost Jim Halpert, and Jack Ryan is well, a dude that probably wears Steph Curry 2’s.

No firm details on a premiere date just yet, but I imagine they’ll want to get this streaming sooner rather than later, if none other than to avoid direct comparisons to 24: Legacy. What say you, does the Jack Ryan franchise have anything left in the tank? Do you have ANY clue who the other guys were to play the character? Do you even care?

Source: Amazon


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