New Rogue One Trailer Drops During Olympics, And It Is Glorious

A Story About War, Among The Stars

If we’re getting a smaller, ancillary Star Wars movie in between the larger, proper films, I like the approach being taken so far. The first of the Star Wars Stories to be released will be Rogue One, a tale of a small rebellion group out to steal the blueprints of the still under construction Death Star. Yes, a prequel, and no, it doesn’t appear to have Jar Jar. 

I grew up watching war flicks with my grandmother, and that’s exactly what Rogue One looks like so far. Ignoring all of the behind the scenes calamity, the first trailer looks a lot tighter than the extensive reshoots, and multiple editors would have you believe. Which is great. I’m sure a lengthy book will come out one day that’ll be just as interesting as the movie, but until then, let’s appreciate what’s on the screen.

The story does a great job of continuing the grand scope of the Star Wars franchise, while focusing on just how small and personal this film could get. This is a movie that I want to see, even though we already know how it ends. This is truly about the journey.


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