New Trailer for The Evolution of Punk Documentary

Damn, Now I Have to Watch FS1

It’s been a long time coming (at least in Internet waiting time), but CM Punk is all set to make his MMA debut on September 10th at UFC 203. While the former WWE Superstar has had some injury delays, he has been very vocal about this being something he needed to do for himself, and now, thanks to a 4-part documentary, Evolution of Punk,  set to air on FS1 leading to the bout, we’ll get a peek behind the curtain at the life of one, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. 

No doubt this will be more than a few UFC fans first real look at the man who came over from the “fake” sport of wrasslin’ to get his teeth punched in. He’s done an interview here or there about his training, and want to be an MMA fighter, but as is his way, been mostly reclusive. Never letting people in too deep. Unlike Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight champ, Punk isn’t an imposing physical specimen, nor does he have the collegiate wrestling pedigree, he is now, and as the documentary alludes to, always has been an outsider.

I’d imagine they’re only going to minimally address his time with the WWE as he is still in a legal battle with the company doctors. From what I can tell The Evolution of Punk will focus more on the motivations of the man, his training, and his personal life. We get more than a few shots of him with his wife, AJ (also former WWE Superstar). So this will be an interesting look whether you’re a long time fan or only know him as the skinny dude that keeps getting hurt before his actual fight.

Punk has his detractors, whether it be for personal reasons, or because the fake fighter got to skip the line to the top of a UFC card, but I think this doc may open some eyes and minds when the first episode premieres on FS1, August 15th.


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