Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down In Full Luke Cage Trailer

Uptown Baby

When Jessica Jones hit Netflix last year, it was met with some high praise, and in a show starring a truly compelling lead, there was still room for a scene stealer. Enter Luke Cage. Jessica’s boyfriend and fellow meta human. We’ve known for some time that Cage was getting his own show as part of the lead up to The Defenders , as he is a key member, but now we have a full trailer ahead of his shows September 20th release. What’s best about this trailer isn’t the apparent brawn, but the show of soul. 

Luke  Cage continues and expands upon Power Man’s story. In the trailer we get glimpses of his origin, along with dope images of Luke with his gauntlets(shackles) and crown. Oh, and it’s cut with Run The Jewels rapping, so all win so far.

The framework may be tried and true; great power, responsibility, reluctant hero and all that, but it’s the simplicity of the Marvel’s Netflix shows that make them work. I never feel like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and now Luke Cage are trying to save the world, just trying to make the lives of the people around them less shitty. So in 2016 Harlem, Luke may have to knock a few heads to make sure the kids can cross the street, and as someone points out, he may be bulletproof, but Harlem isn’t.

I don’t necessarily need a show to speak directly to me, but with episodes titled after Gangstarr songs, using iconic paintings of Biggie Smalls and a genuine care for how the people of Harlem will be portrayed, i’ll damn sure be binging Luke Cage while wearing wheat Timbs and a Yankee fitted come September 30th. Deadass.


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