Hulu To Do Away With Free Streaming

Time To Sweet Talk My Way Into Another Subscription

If you’ve been using Hulu to catch up on all of your favorite shows, it may be time to look elsewhere or start ponying up some cash, as the popular streaming service will be doing away with its free options in the coming weeks. 

It was just under a year ago that Hulu introduced a subscription based, ad-free option that allowed users forgo the (almost crippling) ads that would run during shows. Typically the same ad, over and over and over again.

The news comes courtesy of Variety and Hulu VP, Ben Smith. As Hulu is set to expand its content through a partnership with Time Warner and Yahoo, it was only a matter of time before they pulled the teat away from us folks that just wanted to run back a few episodes of Blackish.

So, if Hulu is your preferred streaming for TV shows, it’ll run you $7.99 a month, and $11.99 if you want it ad-free. Big deal? Little deal? Do you already have Hulu+ because an ex never changed the password? Such is our 21st century life. It may be a change, but cord cutters will likely be more okay with this than paying for cable anyway.

Source: Variety


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