Looks Like There Will Be A Proper Man of Steel Sequel

So Which Superman Will We Get

Warner Bros. has yet to get Superman right in my opinion. So far, in the three Superman films to release in the 21st century, we’ve gotten retread of the Donner films (Superman Returns), a more dour coming of age tale (Man of Steel) and arguably the most cynical of the recent comic book films with some of the Injustice and Dark Knight Returns stories thrown in (Batman v Superman). Now, via The Wrap, it has been made official that Warner and DC will give Supes another solo shot in what many thought was a dead (because he is) franchise. To that I ask, who will be staring back at us from the sky. 

For those that may be asking “wait, I thought BvS was the Man of Steel sequel?” You’re not wrong in that assumption, as the superhero beat em up was poised as the sequel to the 2013 film, but as it became the launching pad for the larger DC Extended Universe, it became less of a Superman movie. WHile it did pick up from where Man of Steel left off, the story wasn’t his alone, and (SPOILERS INCOMING), it’s kind of a dick move to kill a guy off in his own movie. So the powers that be have seen fit to fast-track a proper sequel. No writers or directors have been attached to the film as of yet, nor has a release date been announced, but Warner Bros has two open slots in their schedule; Oct. 5, 2018 and Nov. 1, 2019.

Now we’re left to wonder how much course correction is going to take place. To say the response to Man of Steel and BvS has been lukewarm would be generous. If anything, the attachment to the character has created some of the most divisive movies out today. WIth lines being firmly drawn by those who condemn the films, and others attachment to the characters despite what is presented on screen. Yes, that last statement was loaded. Still, the leader of the Trinity has yet to enjoy the spoils that should come along with that status, through critical response or even in the films themselves. I may not be the biggest Superman fan, but I still know what that character means, and how he should be received.

We’re still some years off from this sequel, and a slew of DCEU films will have been released by then, including the Justice League movie, which Henry Cavill will also star. Whether we’ll get a more optimistic version of the character, or one furhter burned out by her superheroic exploits, is still up for debate and contemplation. What is clear though, is that Warner Bros. may realize that their biggest asset has also been their own undoing. “But a person close to the project told TheWrap that Superman is a top priority for the studio and getting the character right for audiences is of tantamount importance.” A statement from a source close to Warner said. Let us hope he’s treated as such going forward.

Source: The Wrap


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