Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Rivalries, Legacies and Matches Are Justified on RAW and Smackdown Live (8/2/2016)

It Just Takes That One Time

It was only a matter of time before superstars “invaded” the rival show, I just didn’t think it would be so fast. It was safe to assume that Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar would be kept totally separate until their clash at SummerSlam, but that wasn’t the case. Ever since Orton hit that promo about only needed one RKO to put the beast on his back, everything has been built around the devastation of the move, and hot all Randy has to do is survive whatever Brock can dish out juuuust long enough to hit one from outta nowhere. And you know what, it’s working.


I don’t think anyone was accusing Randy Orton of being a slouch or pushover, but the mystique that has been built around Lesnar since his WrestleMania win over The Undertaker has put him in the “practically unbeatable” category. Which, somehow put Orton in the “wildcard” category. I don’t know if I like this quippy version of Oroton. He comes off as too much of a hostile douche in real life to make this character really click. He’s playing to the crown, but you drape a sweater over his shoulders and you have an 80’s, teen movie villain. That aside, Randy does have a mean streak, and a finishing move that has been fairly well protected over the past decade. Will it really be enough to slay Lesnar, probably not, but i’m more intrigued now than I was a week ago. More so because Lesnar saw fit to respond with an F-5 of his own the very next night. Just enough retaliation to settle the score, but not overplay his hand.


I Have Just As Much Right To Be Here…

In an odd turn of events, Dean Ambrose went all upper crust on Dolph Ziggler. Basically calling him out for being all sizzle and no steak. Kind of a hard platform to stand on when talking about a 2-time world champ and great in-ring worker, but the promo was still scathing as it hit on all the tired smark comments. As Dolph stated at the beginning, he and current champ, Dean Ambrose, have a lot in common, and that’s where Ambrose tried to cut him off at the knees. What’s interesting, is that neither man was wrong, and while Dean was playing more of a tweener heel, cocky and dismissive, his points were accurate. Dolph, oddly like Kurt Angle, spends so much time making the other person in the ring look great, that it somewhat diminishes his product. If every person you wrassle brings you to within an inch of your life, maybe you’re not as good as you think you are.


This then lead to a Bray Wyatt run in, which I am all for. Smackdown Live is in dire need of top heels, and whether due to bad booking or injury, Bray has been under utilized in this capacity.

I don’t entirely understand Dolph agreeing to put up his #1 Contendership, but it was a nice touch for Daniel Bryan to point that out given his current status and history with Bray. In the end, Dolph proved that the guy who scratched and clawed his way from the Spirit Squad could be champion, just as Dean is.

Why Don’t You Just Leave?


Cena/Styles is a very interesting rivalry to me. It feels like it means something even though there aren’t any titles on the line, nor are there any stipulations. I almost thought Styles was going to challenge Cena to a match, and if he lost he’d have to leave WWE for awhile. It didn’t come to that just yet, but I had that inkling. Either way, these two on the mic are gold. I love that Styles calls Cena out for rehashing the same “smile on kids face” speech he gives every time someone calls him out. Even better, Styles was able to get some slight digs in at TNA’s expense, which gave Cena room to basically call Styles a hired gun. This feud doesn’t need a title for now. It feels personal. Their match at SummerSlam should be epic, if only because each guy feels like they have to finally put the other away. Now, there’s always The Club factor, what with Lesnar/Orton showing that the different brand stars will crossover as needed. Still, this one has legs. Cena took the pride bait, and Styles will get another match. All is well.

Just The Two Of Us


Going back over to RAW, The Boss, Sasha Banks opened up the show, only to be interrupted by both Charlotte and Chris Jericho. After some quick barbs back and forth, Enzo Amore popped up not only in support, but to shoot his shot with Sasha right there, mid-promo. It was a fun bit that crossed some boundaries, and played more toward misogyny and slut shaming than I tend to go with, but fun won out in the end. Oh, and we got a mixed tag match out of it. Between Enzo, Sasha, and Big E, I think the Suicide Dive is a little too aptly named, and all three need to get that in check ASAP.


What I Spit Is Just

Tyler Black vs. Prince Devitt for the Universal Title. I need that indie poster made up for SummerSlam, so I can put on my wall and blast some Brand New. Markdom aside, this is a dream match. Two of the best workers in the company, who actually match up pretty evenly in a lot of ways, going at it in one of the Big 4 events. Ah, my goosebumps have goosebumps, which could actually be Zika, I need to get that checked. In any event, Finn held his own on the mic against Rollins, who can cut to the bone when he needs to for a promo, but for these two to work, Finn doesn’t need to say much. Let Rollins do the lifting as the heel. I doubt they’ll play the Demon Balor card this soon, but the card is there just in case. We already know the entrance will work in the Barclays Center.


Stuff and Thangs

Alright, quick hits here because, well, I’ll do what I want and you’re not my real dad.

  • Nattie put the beats on Carmella before their match could even get started, which goes to show that even cat ladies can get down right vicious if the occasion calls for it. I still think it’s weird that nothing is being made of her connection to Enzo and Cass, but i’m sure that’ll come in time. For now, a nice, heated rivalry is good for the women of Smackdown Live.
  • Speaking of, All Red Everything, Eva Marie was going to make an in-ring debut, and after her long, drawn out entrance, had an “injury” and the match was called off. I love troll tactics to get heels over, it even made Fandango a hot commodity for awhile, and that was before WWE went all “cool dad” about the crowd “Fandangoing”. Still, poor Becky Lynch gains nothing from this.
  • THIS happened during the Sheamus/Ceasaro match, and I have yet to stop laughing.
  • Beef Strongdude now ROARS to open his own theme music, and WWE was like “This, this is fine”.
  • Rusev beat up Mark Henry, which I guess permanently closed the Hall of Pain. I’d almost bet cash money that Big Show will get another title run in the near future out of spite.
  • I get that R-Truth is supposed to be a little off, but this Pokemon Go! thing has to get gone. They couldn’t just have him be obsessed with the game, no, dude has to physically try to catch Pokemon during matches. Not in game mind you, by actually attempting to grab them. I….I struggle to begin to even.

That’ll do for this week. I may have my own brand split and do one recap for each show moving forward, just to keep these more fluid. I anticipate a little blurring of the lines post SummerSlam between the shows as they truly try to carve identities. If I missed anything, hit me up on the Twittah Machine, and we can #yoloswag all over the place. Till then…

Deuces Kiddos


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