We Finally Have A Release Date for Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Might Could Be The Real Deal

The wait may finally be over as the rumor-mill has kicked into overdrive, and multiple sources state that the follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange will drop on Friday, August 5th. Frank Ocean fans have been let down before, so there is plenty of skepticism to go around, but damnit, lets get a little excited that there just might be some new Frank Ocean music coming sooner rather than later.

The official website for the album has seen an update recently, most prominent is an old school, library book slip, stamped with seemingly delayed release dates. The biggest news to come out today is that Boys Don’t Cry will be exclusive to Apple Music for at least two weeks.  Firing yet another shot in the streaming wars that Kanye West claimed was “hurting the music game”.

Neither Ocean or Apple has commented on the rumors of the album or its pending release, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. At least before the internet anoints it a classic after listening to the first few tracks late Friday night.

Are you still excited for a Frank Ocean album after being teased for 4 years, or are you over it?


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