MTV Classic Will Bring Back Old MTV, But Not Old Enough To Actually Play Music Videos

I Want My  (Old) MTV

Do you long for a time when 7 strangers stopped being polite, and started being real? Do vaguely remember a little thing called Liquid Television? Even more, do you find yourself screaming about how MTV doesn’t show music videos anymore? Well then I have news for you. Starting August 1st, VH1 Classic (yes, it was a real thing) will be rebranded as MTV Classic, showcasing whichever heyday of MTV you call your own all the do da day.

The news come courtesy of Variety, and outlines how the first few days of programming will play out. Starting August 1st (the 35th anniversary of MTV’s launch), the network will actually replay the first hour of MTV’s existence, bad hair and all. Then we’ll be treated with a fast forward to the TRL days, and a best of Unplugged. After which, the network will pick and choose episodes from their expansive library to throw on the TV. Much like the retro Nickelodeon lineup that launched last year, this is aimed primarily at millennials that are now of the age to look back unironically on our “classic” TV.

I, for one, am all in on MTV Classic, and hope that right along with the Pimp My Rides, Daria’s and Bevis and Butt-Head viewings, I’ll get Clone High, The Maxx and Making the Band 2. Hell, if we can get some honest to God re-runs of early Real World seasons, I’d champion the station full force. Between 1991 and 2006, there are 4 very distinct versions of MTV, and this station can play Ghost of Trendy Past for each of them. We’re taking over 90’s kids, cornering the nostalgia market! Now excuse me while a write an email asking if anyone at that station remembers a little thing called Downtown

Source – Variety


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