Matt Damon Plays White Savior in The Great Wall Trailer

Pacific Rim Meets The Last Samurai?

There is so much going on with this movie that i’m amazed it was held under wraps as long as it was. American stars going east to be apart of ad campaigns or small roles in movies isn’t anything new, but what Matt Damon is part of in The Great Wall is something grander, and more perplexing than we’ve seen before. 

The Great Wall is being touted as the most expensive Chinese movie ever made, will be in English, and stars Matt Damon. At first glance, it looks like the current Hollywood practice of incorporating Chinese actors and locales to cash in on the huge box office the country has provided. China’s reception alone is the main reason Warcraft will get a sequel. So what is The Great Wall?

The Great Wall is directed by Zhang Yimou, the man behind House of Flying Daggers and Hero.  It’s a blend of Chinese filmmaking with some western sensibilities, especially when it comes to over the top spectacle. The film takes place 1000 years in the past and has apparently turned the story of protecting the province into a supernatural tale, filled with monsters, magic and mayhem. No mention of Mongols though, which is a much deeper issue than I can get into here.

Still, we have a movie, made by Chinese filmmakers, to look American, with Chinese and American stars. Maybe this is the Rainbow Connection flick we always knew humanity could make (that distinction actually goes to the Fast & Furious franchise if we’re keeping it 100), or is it a joyful disaster we’ll all flock to witness. We’ll find out when The Great Wall releases stateside February 2017.


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