Netflix Sets Black Mirror Season 3 Premier Date

The Abyss Will Stare Back At You Very Soon

Fans of the dark and twisted can rejoice. Black Mirror season 3 has an official premiere date, and it’s a lot sooner than we anticipated.

Netflix has announced, along with a slew of other shows, that Black Mirror season 3 will premiere on October 21st. Just in time for Halloween viewing if you ask me.

For the uninitiated, Black Mirror is a sci-fi, anthology show, originally broadcast on UK’s Channel 4. The first 2 series and subsequent holiday special were made available for streaming on Netflix, where the show was met with wide acclaim for it’s throwback Twilight Zone style of storytelling, along with it’s technological spin.

Series creator, Charlie Brooker had been vocal about his work on the show while in production, which left many to believe that it was a ways off, but we’ll be thrust into the slightly twisted world before years end. The Netflix run will be a split season, with only six episodes being made available initially, which is how many episode of the series proper exist anyway.

Will you binge Black Mirror this October, or is one episode at a time enough?


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