WRASSLIN’ STATE OF MINED: The Shield Reunited, AJ and Cena Sign on the Dotted line, and Possible Trombone Sex (June 14, 2016)

Do You Remember The Times?

Monday Night RAW did something tonight. I’d throw a “well obviously” in there, but there have been weeks when the powers that be want to make sure we feel every bit of their three hour show. With the buildup to their biggest “2nd tier” PPV, Money in the Bank, they’ve done a great job of spacing things out a bit for the big matches. No finer example than keeping Reigns/Rollins off TV for a week, and then basically dedicating an entire show to how great The Shield was. In essence, reminding us why we give a damn about this match outside of the WWE championship. Talk shows in a wrasslin’ ring are typically more hit than miss, but this wasn’t about the Asylum, it was about the inmates, which is why it totally worked. 

The final segment could have gone over horribly, and being honest, it kind of started out that way. Hard to tell if it was by design or due to the guys having not really been in the ring together in awhile, but there was some trepidation in the early going. It wasn’t until Rollins was able to get the crowd in on some of the jokes, and stories about the “good times” that they were able to blow the whole thing open. It was the obvious tactic, but not the wrong one in this case. This is all obviously leading to The Shield 3-Way, hopefully at SummerSlam, and there is more than enough history to tap into before we get there. MITB is the stepping stone. The airing of grievances as it were. Rollins, rightfully points out that he never lost the title. Reigns deflects that he still earned it, even if he didn’t take if from Rollins, and Ambrose, not one to play the third wheel, well, plays up his Charlie Day, wildcard status. Which these PPV’s need desperately. On paper, this event is stacked, but WWE largely plays it safe with anything outside of the Big 4 (Mania, SummerSlam, Rumble, Survivor Series). But MITB has stepped into that arena a bit. So if Ambrose were to win, he’s already stated that he could interject himself into the title bout, because, why not?

When The Jazz Man Testifies

Enzo and Cass faced off with New Day! Not in a match, but in a flame session as the youths call it. It was silly, it was juvenile, and they definitely alluded to Enzo having symphonic relations with Woods’ trombone, Francesca II, so it was great wrasslin’ TV. There was a classic feel to this bit with the face teams, while facing off, easily siding with one another against the bad guys. Oh, and to make fun of Kofi’s “I Don’t Get Kevin Hart 6’s“. All leading to the tornado tag match, where New Day doesn’t have to get pinned to lose, but there’s no real reason to take the belts off of them just yet. Or maybe, now is the best time, so that we can watch them ascend as good guys, since they were the most booed entity on TV when the got the belts the first time around. Maybe a big loss can help them freshen things up just a wee bit.

Your Name Here

I’m torn. I love seeing Styles and Cena trade barbs in the ring before an actual match, but after almost three decades of wrasslin’ fandom, you have a contract signing, it better damn well end in a fight. No fisticuffs here, but Cena did present Styles with an interesting proposition. One contract for a straight one-on-one match, with something of a bro-code saying The Club stays out, or another contract the explicitly states that they can be at ringside, but AJ is a lil’ bitch. Cena’s words. I love that Cena can say, I won’t have to bury you, the WWE Universe will, while simultaneously having enough pull to have different contracts drafted up in his favor. Either way, both men hurled insults. Cena mentioned everywhere Styles had performed over the past decade, minus TNA, of course, and reiterated that he deserved to be here more than any other of the indie darlings he’s dealt with in the past. And with Cena’s approval, came a need to prove himself without taking shortcuts. Can’t say he was wrong, so the promo was effective. Will Styles actually have his boys sit this one out, in an odd act of honor considering the type of heel he’s been thus far? Don’t know. I do hope for a good amount of singles wrasslin’ before this whole thing devolves into a street fight though.

Stuff and Thangs

Zayn got a win! Over Cesaro no less. It was all good stuff. Obviously these guys can work, but Zayn needed this win badly. If they’re going with the full transference of Daniel Bryan’s constant underdog status, Zayn has to pull a couple big victories out of his ass every now and then, that and moves like the one that closed out this match.

Along with those two, the actual MITB ladder match is oddly stacked but uninteresting, much like this entire PPV. The announce team keeps trying to make fetch happen by telling us that the event is WrestleMania-like, but it’s not. It can’t be. The stakes just don’t feel high enough. As of now, we’re either in for a not so up and comer holding a gaudy briefcase for almost a year, or Ambrose staying true to his word, and cashing in that very night. I don’t know, it’s all so underwhelming, when we should actually be in a wrasslin’ nirvana given the talent all around.

NXT had a solid, yet predictable show. Everyone you thought would win did, with not much in the way of development. I do think that, while entertaining, this is the least ready to make the jump crop that NXT has had since their official inception, which is good. The stars themselves are great, they could all use just a bit more polish before going up to the main roster, and with everything being what it is, I don’t want someone like Nakamura or American Alpha getting lost in the main roster shuffle. I’m a fly by the seat kinda guy, but when it comes to wrasslin’ have a plan….and rolling time off aside from injuries.

Oh, Lucha Underground did more cool stuff. Watch it.

That’s it for me. I’ll likely switch these up to Wednesday’s once the live Smackdowns kickoff in order to cover both shows. Oh, and there’s a rumor about 2 PPV’s per month starting in September due to the brand split, which gives me me all sorts of a headache. It’s like WWE has a problem filling their content time already, so instead of cutting back the give themselves more work to do. This is the reason countries can’t just create more money, it lessens the value. Shout out to The Wrestling-Giffer. Not feeling too hot this week, so I had to sub in videos instead of his giffy goodness.Still, wanna yell about spandex and spray tan with me, hit me up on the twittah machine.  Till then,

Deuces Kiddos. 


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