Second Pete’s Dragon Trailer Shines A Light On Elliot

I Remember Movies Like This

Pete’s Dragon didn’t make the biggest impression when its teaser dropped a few months back. The original, while well regarded, isn’t part of the current nostalgia demographic. Just a little too old, and not a well remembered as say, Mary Poppins, an iconic Disney film which also married live-action with animated characters. So, the first trailer holding so much back, creating a sense of mystery, may have painted the wrong picture for those unfamiliar with the original film. Not the case with the second trailer. We see Elliot. We also get a good look at what could be a potentially great family flick. 

Pete’s Dragon is, on the very surface, the story about a boy and his dragon. Base level cool, but there is clearly more going on beneath the surface. This trailer plays high on emotion. Even Karl Urban, who appears to be the villain of the picture, has a fairly reasonable motivation. “Hey, dragons are real, we know what they do”.

I like this interpretation of Elliot, the dragon too. The original made him highly animated, and even at the time, hard to believe people would be afraid of this goofy dragon with pink hair and underbite. This Elliot, while a strange chimera of sorts, leaning toward a dog-like hybrid, is just ferocious looking enough to be scary, while also conveying the doe eyes to disarm him. A nice play there. As far as family movies go, this may weigh heavy on your heart because it appears as though the film will not shy away from doling out the feels. Pete’s Dragon has always been a story of family, loss and growing up, and while it was fantastical in its presentation, it hit those notes in a very real way. I’m glad this remake is staying true to that.

How’s bout you, are you feeling this new look enough to see Pete’s Dragon when it hits August 12th?


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