Comedy Central Just Released Every Key & Peele Sketch EVER

I Said Biiiiiiiiiiiiitch

Do you love Key & Peele? Of course you do, i’m sorry for asking such a stupid question. So you, like many, were likely upset when the comedy duo decided to hang it up before the show could overstay its welcome. Do you wish you could watch ALL of their sketches (legally)? Again, another stupid question that needn’t be asked. Well, you’re in luck. Comedy Central has seen fit to release EVERY Key & Peele sketch EVER. Including 176 unseen bits that never made air. Completely free!

The Key & Peele super site makes pretty much any DVD/Blu-Ray release obsolete, especially with the inclusion of so much unreleased content. I can’t tell if this move is one out of love,  or a way to control piracy, both in the vein of South Park CC, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Even better, the site is linked to popular character and sketch URL’s

Courtesy of  Flavorwire – “If that weren’t cool enough, Comedy Central has also set up URLs corresponding to some of K&P‘s most memorable sketches: typing in,,,,, or will also take you to K&P‘s dedicated site.”

But wait, there’s more; the site also hosts category tabs for easy searching. You can specifically look up sports, politics animals, spoofs, etc, with ease. They even curated a gif section, for those that want to meme their life away. This is truly a gift from the comedy Gods. I can’t wait to dive into all of my favorites this weekend, and i’m especially looking forward to the new sketches.

Enough from me, you can scratch your Key & Peele itch HERE, and while you’re at it, pick up a copy of Keanu.


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