Donald Glover Takes You to the Dirty in New Atlanta Promo

ATL, Georgia. What We Do For Ya?

Are yall ready for Donald Glover’s return to television? Well, you have a couple months, but just to give a you the slightest peek at what’s in store, Glover and FX have released a tiny promo for his somewhat biographical comedy, Atlanta. 

Glover is executive producer, writers, co-creator and start (wow, that’s a lot of hats) for the ATL set show. Following his character, Earn, as he travels back to his hometown after dropping out of school, only to discover that things aren’t exactly as he remembers. It’s a play on the old adage “you can never go home.”

It was announced sometime ago that part of the reason Glover left Community was to further pursue his music, as well as develop a show for FX. While it was in pre-production as far back as 2014,  FX is only now rolling out the promo’s. As of now, the network is set to air the entire 10-episode run of its first season. The short promo doesn’t give much insight into the show, out side of what appears to be the main trio walking through the city streets, while everyone else goes backwards, set to the tunes of Tame Impala. So far so good for me.

Now, get crackin’ on an ATL playlist, or at least fire up some Outkast to familiarize yourself a bit. Atlanta premieres this September on FX.


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