Monster Trucks Trailer Is Way More On The Nose Than You May Have Expected

So, No Gravedigger Cameo?

I guess you have to give the team behind this flick some points for creativity. In what was likely a script thrown together with a title in place before anything else, Monster Trucks is the most literal version of the concept you’ll likely ever see. 

Originally set for a summer 2015 release, the movie was constantly pushed back until finally resting in early 2017, and now we get a peek under the hood. Staring Lucas Till, who can currently be seen in X-Men: Apocalypse (although you shouldn’t), Monster Trucks follows a teen who befriends an alien that can somehow fix up and manipulate his beat up old truck by living inside of it. Yes, it’s as trippy as it sounds.

I don’t fully know why the movie was in development hell, or how they got Danny Glover or Rob Lowe to agree to be in it, but Monster Trucks will be in theaters January 2017.


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