Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Seth Rollins Returns to Reclaim Title (05/23/2016)

I Threw It On The Ground

Seth Rollins is back! He didn’t bring his bleached hair, but I can forgive that at the moment. Right now i’m just too excited for “The Architect” of The Shield to be back in a WWE ring. What’s more is, he seems to be fightin’ ready. No, he didn’t put on a full match, but for a guy that obliterated his knee, hitting Reigns with a Pedigree 30 seconds into his return is a good sign. Furthermore, he came onto Monday Night Raw and had the difficult task of turning the warm welcome he was sure to receive into sheer hatred. And man did he pull off the greatest trick the devil ever played. tumblr_o7nfzxPxgA1sbzhteo1_400

Seth, in one quick promo, made you ever forget that you missed him, He turned our collective adulation into anger, resentment, and ultimately boos. Right after soaking it all in, Seth was quick to remind us all of how we really felt while he was the WWE World Heavyweight champ. We couldn’t wait from someone to rip that strap from around his arrogant waist. After seven months away, the players may have changed, but the game was the same. He was still Seth “Freakin” Rollins, and he never actually lost that belt. Roman Reigns may be holding it, but it’s not his, and you know what, he’s right.

It’s a longstanding belief in wrasslin’ that the champ always has claim to the strap they vacate due to injury, and this in no different. What gives this story some extra edge is that through everything that’s happened, this was still the supposed outcome of The Shield breakup to begin with. Rollins/Reigns was always the destination, with tactical pirate Roman being the savoir from the chickenshit heel, Rollins. Instead, we collectively rejected Reigns like a bad organ transplant. Rollins isn’t interested in making us happy, he just wants his title back, and I have no idea how this will all shake out.

A Man Alone

Going back to Extreme Rules for a bit, AJ Styles put on a hell of a match with Roman Reigns. I’ll never understand the “you can’t wrestle” chants at Roman. He’s no Macho Man, but dude can go. His matches are far better than he’s given credit for, and this one was no different. No, the outcome was never truly in questions, and all the elements we assumed would come into play did. The Club got involved, as did the Uso’s, but on either side of the interference sections was a great singles match.


I don’t think that AJ losing big matches back-to-back (including the MITB qualifier) will hurt his stock. WWE clearly likes him toward the top of the card, but with Seth back, AJ’s story is no longer with the title. he lost, “clean”. He can move on. Possibly to usher in Finn Balor in the coming weeks? Maybe? Dunno. Either way, AJ brought out the best in Reigns, then, less than 24 hours later, put on an indie darling showcase with Kevin Owens.

Show Me The Money

Alright, sticking with the synergy, the Money in the Bank qualifiers were all good. and even a little surprising. Maybe not in the best way if we’re talking Crews/Jericho. You could make an argument for the wily vet, who actually invented the match having a spot, and that maybe Crews just isn’t quite ready (last night being an example), but I think enough of the other competitors in the match have enough time under their belt to carry it. Still Y2J will bring his goin out scarf to the PPV for all of our amusement. While Crews will be in his first main roster feud with Sheamus.

Dean Ambrose took on Ziggler in a match that didn’t move me one way or the other. It made sense for both guys to be in it, and the outcome was fairly obvious given both of their state with the company.


Slightly less obvious was the Sheamus/Zayn matchup. I don’t think their styles quite matched up but the end was what mattered here. Zayn gets yet another big stage to show what he can do, and we may get another version of the IC Title four way that pretty much stole the show.

Daddy Issues

Charlotte still stumbles through promos, which is only made more evident when they give her too much to say or convey, but she still manages to stick the landing when needed. Everything she said about Ric not being their for her as a child rang true. No way you can be as traveled and iconic as Flair is in the wrasslin’ world and not leave some memories on the table when it comes to family. Hard to tell how much of that really bothers Charlotte outside of wrasslin’ but they were both able to channel it into a scathing promo. At least when the crowd didn’t throw her completely off track. Then there’s Ric, who likely sobs when they get his order wrong at Rally’s, so it wasn’t hard to get the waterworks going for him, but man, he looked crushed. Oh, and Dana Brooke was there, good for you, Dana.

Who’s The Master


Enzo Amore also got a heroes welcome as he ran, shuffled and danced back onto Monday Night Raw. Man, that dude must mainline Red Bull right before he hits that curtain. He addressed the injury, the crowd, and The Dudleyz before being used as a projectile during the match.

Not sure how much was a precaution, but he wasn’t in the match directly, but it did give us more solo Cass, which is great for him. Dude can work fairly well for a big guy, and hold his own on the mic which allows he and Enzo to actually play off each other. WWE is putting these two in great position to shine and i’m all for it.


Stuff and Thangs

New Day hit Heath Slater with a cake. Nice comedy segment, but nothing of consequence other than Heath selling like a liquidation promotion.

In “future endeavours” news, Cody Rhodes asked for and was granted his official release from WWE. There was much speculation as to why, and Cody saw fit to step in front of in via a long and personal statement, that you can read here.  The long and short of it comes down to him feeling underused and slightly disrespected by his roll with the company. Apparently, he’d been lobbying to go back to just being “Cody Rhodes” as opposed to his Stardust character, but his requests were falling on deaf ears. Can’t say i’m surprised, and as he puts it, it was never about the money. He just wants to wrestle. It’s likely he’ll make his return to the company down the road, but with his skillset and marketability, he’ll do well for himself on the indie circuit….or Lucha Underground?

That’s all for now. Did I miss anything? Let me know on the Twittah machine, then we can make dinner plans that i’ll cancel because I wanna finish watching Buffy on Netflix. Till then…

Deuces Kiddos


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