John Carpenter Will Be “Hands On” With Halloween Reboot

A Reboot Crafted by the Original

News has hit the interwebz that Blumhouse and John Carpenter are partnering to give the Halloween franchise yet another shot. Early rumors had it slated as a TV series, but John Carpenter himself has announced that this will, in fact, be another film release for Miramax. And yes, Michael Myers will once again be The Shape that terrified audiences back in 1978. 

While Carpenter is already on board as Executive Producer, Blumhouse is also pushing negotiations to have Carpenter score the film as well.

What was key in the announcement was Jason Blum making sure to let fans know that this film will stay true to the essence of the original Halloween movie in more than just artistic representation; it’ll be made for cheap. Blum mentioned that when horror movies are produced for over 15 million dollars, decisions have to be vetted and that you’ll lose creative battles. History supports that theory. Yes, the Rob Zombie Halloween made money initially, but its sequel failed to cash in on investment. Slashers in general are a tough sell, and very few made a “ton” of money. Even those were relative to their small budgets. A Halloween movie made for the cheap, with Carpenter having an actual hand (he was pretty open about his non-involvement with the Zombie films) in it, is very promising.

“Be true to the original spirit of the movie. Don’t get carried away. Tell a simple story. Tell a scary story.” Carpenter said.  “He’s not a character…he’s a force of nature”, which is a far cry from what Rob Zombie made him.  There is no director in place just yet, but if they’re sticking to the true nature of Halloween, it’ll likely be a talented newcomer at the helm.

Halloween has no official date, but the plan is have it released for Halloween 2017. We may be tired of reboots, remakes and re-imaginings, but something about this feels different. It feels right, and actually having Carpenter involved may make all the difference this time around. Or who knows, we could get that anthology style he actually wanted from the get go.

What do you think, should they be reviving Halloween or getting applying their talents elsewhere?


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