Netflix Gains Exclusive Disney Streaming Rights….This Fall

Find Dory, and Chill

A little less than four years ago, while they were only slightly leading the movie/TV streaming world, Netflix signed a monumental deal with Disney for exclusive rights to their films. At the time it only really included Disney and Pixar films, but the house that the Mouse built has been a little busy over the past four years, and now, they’ll be a lot more for them to offer.

Starting September 2016, Netflix will have first run rights to all Disney, Pixar, Lucas Films, and Marvel Studios movies. So that means Finding Dory, The Force Awakens, The Jungle Book and Captain America: Civil War will all make their streaming premiere on the service. They’ll also have access to past hits, which i’m sure they’ll roll out in anticipation of other features. So, right around the time Star Wars: Rouge One is set to hit theaters, you’ll likely see the original seven films hit the service for all our binging needs.

As of this writing, the rights still belong to Starz for all first run movies, but now their days are officially numbered. Who’s ready for the vault to re-open on Netflix this Fall?


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