Live Action Beauty and the Beast Teaser Could Also Be for a Horror Movie

Imagine for a second that you don’t know the source material for Beauty and the Beast. Yes, that may be a stretch for our nostalgia drenched culture, but go with it. If you had no idea Disney’s latest live action re-telling of their most famous animated stories, this teaser could easily be for a medieval times horror movie. Which,  if you ask me, Beauty and the Beast always was. Poor girl, with a mentally unstable dad, gets held captive by a chimera, then develops Stockholm Syndrome. So romantic.

Wait, that came off as way more cynical than I intended.  And the tone of this trailer may be by design, as the marketing expects you to know what’s going on behind that door. I do love the animated Beauty and the Beast, and that version seems to inform this movie the most, at least from what I can see. Even down to the lines of dialogue from the unseen furniture. We only get a quick glimpse of Emma Watson as Belle, as she walks toward the enchanted rose. Nothing on the titular Beast so far, but the movie is still 10 months out, so i’m sure his reveal will be much closer to the actual release. Maybe those trailers will come a little less creepy.

So, did this teaser pull on the right nostalgia strings?

Beauty and the Beast is slated for a March 2017 release.


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