New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Asks “Real” Fans; Are You Happy Now?

Not His Daddies Trek

The Abrams Star Trek films have been hit or miss with me. I enjoyed the first for what it was, but Into Darkness relied way too heavily on the “mystery box” that production company Bad Robot has come to be known for. The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond was met with mixed enthusiasm. While people were excited for a new Trek flick, this one co-written by Simon Pegg and directed by Justin Lin showcased a more action oriented adventure than the last two outings.  And while “real” fans thought it was too much, too unlike the old-school Trek they loved. Now, with this trailer, it appears to be the most faithful Trek of the recent outings.

I’d never claim to be the biggest Star Trek fan. I mostly watched Deep Space Nine and TNG. I’ve seen every episode of the original series, and it always struck me as a show about fun, exploration, and a wee bit of diplomacy in the form of Kirk bedding the sexiest alien in his proximity. The first two dabbeled, in those things, but never really had their own identity. Characters were either stuck paying homage to the past to truly make anything their own. Now, with a writer that truly loves and understands the source materal, and a director that knows his way around ensemble casts, Star Trek Beyond is shaping up to be the most Star Treky of the bunch. Just what you all wanted.

I’m looking forward to what this franchise can do when it’s not constantly looking to the past. At this point, we should be able to see the current iterations of characters interact and run in new, original ways. Even the lines about Kirk no longer trying to be his father are clearly meant to relay that this Trek will be its own beast. One that does just enough to evoke the past, while being something new and different. Now if only they could stop destroying the damn Enterprise.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters July 22nd.


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