A NEW Tale of the No Good Very Bad Day with 24: Legacy Trailer

It’s A New Day, Yes It Is

FOX had their day at Upfront’s and revealed quite a few trailers for the upcoming Fall/Spring schedule. One show that had more hype to live up to than most was series reboot 24: Legacy. The first season to not feature series star, Keifer Sutherland. Instead, we’ll follow Straight Outta Compton star, Corey Hawkins, as he tries to readjust to life back home after war. Oh, and stop a looming terrorist threat.

24: Legacy will still follow the real-time gimmick that (partially) made the original famous, but instead of a full day, this new season will only chronicle 12 of the worst hours of someones life. No more need to worry about sleeplessness. Surprising still is that after the moderate success of 24: Live Another Day, they decided to go with some new blood. Even more surprising, is that they’re deciding to launch the show immediately following the Super Bowl (February 5th). Making it the first TV drama to have that distinction. That’s one hell of a vote of confidence from the network.

Check out the trailer above to see just how bad things can get in a hurry. It looks like the 24 feel we came to love, then kind of tire of is still in tact. New faces and some time off can work wonders for a TV franchise, and this should make for a great ride. I rather enjoyed the series revival from a few years back, so i’m actually looking forward to this. How about you all?


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